The Baldwin culture

why and how we do what we do on a daily basis

In today’s market, it’s never been easier to start selling your products and services. But at the same time, it’s never been more difficult to do so. And that’s where Baldwin comes in: to make it easier for every business.


For us Baldwinners, size doesn’t matter. We aspire to help any business.

Both online and offline

Whether they are a start-up or a multinational. Our team is big on unified commerce. We believe offline and online are two sides of the same coin. Baldwin’s main strength is online presence, from design and development to digital marketing.

Do you fit in our Baldwin culture?

Our mission is to help customers sell more. That’s why, together with the customer, we look for the most profitable unified commerce solutions. And of course, we aim to make it easy. We take technological changes into account, as well the desired future of our clients. After the project ends, we make our resources available to catch our clients’ internet momentum.

To help all of our clients, we are always looking for new talent. Not just any talent, however. Superhero talent. Because all Baldwinners are (their own) superheroes.

Who are we looking for?

People that help businesses with their needs. Are you someone who’s eager to grow? Someone who enjoys helping businesses grow? You know, do you fit the cheesy teamplayer, out-of-the-box thinker, forever learner image? Great! You might just be the droid – err person we’re looking for. If you’re witty and intro memes, that’s a big bonus.

As a Baldwinner, you…

  1. Don’t just aim for the best results. You also deliver.
  2. Are totally not into shallow work. Deep diving into projects is a second nature! And the best part is that you can deepdive faster than The Flash.
  3. Are an open and friendly person. No stressing over irrelevant aspects of projects and your job. Always ready to help your colleagues. 
  4. Just aren’t into politics and complex hierarchical structures. You’re perfectly fine managing your own work, thank you!
  5. Thrive on your adaptable mindset. You follow the road to the best solutions, not the road you theoretically have to walk or are used to walk.
  6. Take into account what is possible within budget and how you can be creative within those boundaries. You’re not going to make unnecessary costs, when you can do as good with less.

What can you expect from Baldwin?

We are a team of talented young people who are there to help. We have designers, copywriters, developers, digital marketers, project managers, quality analysts … You can count on a chill atmosphere in which responsibility is key. We have an agile holacracy, meaning that project ownership is big at Baldwin. You can count on interesting projects, worldwide clients, free food and lots of beer.