Web development

is building powerful, user-friendly websites

As a Magento-certified partner, we launch strong Magento 2 webshops. We are also experienced in webshops that are running on the Hyvä theme and we build custom solutions if preferred. Once your webshop is launched, we provide extensive training and support.

More than 100 projects

An unstoppable passion for web development. Experts that meet the highest requirements. Project managers, graphic designers, developers, digital marketers, and webmasters.

The best part about having all that expertise under one roof? Sinergy!

Our team easily bundles its powers to get the best results for your project!

We convert web designs into user-friendly online stores and other interactive web applications. And we do this 100% in-house!

Keeping you up to date

Online sales require a deep understanding of your own product, as well as of the internet.

Keeping your webshop up-to-date is a complex and time-consuming process.

We are digital heroes

Luckily, the Baldwin team is eager to help! Questions or an issue with your webshop after the go-live? Our support team always comes to your rescue.

Want to grow? Our digital marketing experts gladly boost your business.

Count on us for extensive personal training