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The perfect SEO fit for businesses that are just starting their digital journey.

It’s all about users: from content to engagement and building up your online presence for them.

Good SEO means a higher position in Google, which translates to relevant visitors finding the way to your shop. This package is designed to help businesses improve their online efforts, starting with technical and content SEO, while correctly tracking the user interaction on the webshop.


SEO Audit & Kick-off meeting

The SEO audit is the cornerstone for all the online marketing efforts that follow.

The SEO audit shows you where your online business lacks in terms of technical & content issues and provides a list of improvements, so that your webshop will ultimately sell more.

It covers Technical & Content issues and a list of SEO optimisation; Analytics & Tracking issues; Keyword analysis; GDPR compliance; Conclusions & Recommendations.

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Tracking implementation

We do a by-the-book implementation for tracking user interaction with the website, where we track actions that bring value to the business. Using Google Tag Manager, we monitor adds to cart, site searches, checkout flows and even visitor’s engagement across devices.

Digital Marketing Strategy

It’s all about the right moment, the right message, the right target group, the right approach. We help you detect and define those precious variables that define your online strategy. With a neutral look on your business, we setup you up with a clear digital strategy.

Audit current activities

We review all the marketing efforts your company is undergoing. We look at social media presence, review active ad campaigns configurations, analyse the competition and the market, advise you in the organisation of your webshop’s logistics, online payments, product photography, etc.

Budget proposal

We make sure your business reaches the right audience.

Depending on the market competition and on the SEO quality of your website, we propose a budget split for your digital advertising campaigns. We take all the channels suitable for your business into account, while keeping an eye on the CPC (cost per click) and CPA (cost per acquisition) they could generate.

PPC Campaigns setup & maintenance

We assist you to get started with traffic building campaigns, only in Google Adwords, based on a list of categories you wish to promote, such as seasonal products, new collections or a certain type of product type. The advantage? You get to explore sustained traffic building efforts and decide when and how to expand your reach.

Monthly performance report

You receive a monthly performance report based on KPIs we define together. We monitor traffic from paid and organic sources and we look at qualitative indicators such as average time on page or the bounce rate. See your conversions improve month after month, as we optimise the campaigns based on conclusions from historical data.

More than that, we keep an eye out for the SEO performance of your e-commerce website and continuously report improvements to be done, that will keep you on top of the game.

Monthly consultations

We’re at your service to discuss the digital advertising account’s health, its performance and SEO opportunities or assist with Magento configurations.

Increase your webshop’s performance

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