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Weba testimonial for the Baldwin Agency

Baldwin is not only the name of a great American writer and an awesome sofa at Weba, but it’s also a great e-commerce agency. In the jungle of the digital world, where snakes and predators are lurking, Baldwin is the ideal guide to the right path. It will remain a jungle, but with an experienced and clever guide, it’s already a lot safer.

Stefaan Couvreur, Weba

Rosette La Vedette testimonial

Baldwin built a webshop that is much more than a simple ‘online store’. They created a warm and uplifting look and feel that matches with the story and character of my brand: an important step for me to become the reference in my market.

Wendy Rosseel, Rosette la Vedette

Farmaceutische webshop ontwikkeling belgie

Baldwin was the driving force behind the development of Medipim, the most extensive online database of drugs and healthcare products, exclusively available for medical professionals. They are very future-oriented and always ahead of the curve when it comes to the newest technologies. Their approach? It is no-nonsense, flexible, warm and humane. In short: a reliable partner that really makes the difference.

Eric Van Nueten, Febelco

It was hard to know who to turn to for quality, cost effective, expert advice for our SEO, tracking and web development. We followed a recommendation to try out Baldwin. They have delivered exactly what we were looking for and our business is going from strength to strength off the back of their work.

Josh Sandford, DingGo

Wizmo testimonial for the Baldwin Agency

Being new on the market was never easy. Luckily for us, we had Baldwin by our side right from the start. They are a young team, extremely involved in the work they do and open to listen their clients' needs.

Cosmina Mușeat, Wizmo

webshop ontwerp en ontwikkeling bij Baldwin in gent

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