the unified commerce garden

Lochting is a platform dedicated to centralise your online and offline commerce activities. This unified commerce approach allows you to easily reach customers at any moment, wherever they are. Manage your webshop and your in store screen advertisements on one platform.

One platform for all your commerce

As a pharmacy, going online meant you needed several tools to keep up. But no more: with Lochting you can now manage your webshop, digital signage efforts, product database, statistics and more on one platform. Lochting allows you to focus on what really matters: growing your business and sales.

Advertising & advertisements

Save space in your store by displaying products through presentations and digital advertising on screens. With Lochting you can easily create advertisements that you can display on different screens (and your webshop). Thanks to the automatic link with your product database, you always advertise with the right stock. Little time? Suppliers can also provide their own advertising, with which you can advertise in your store or online shop.

Increase your sales

Give customers the opportunity to order and buy your products when and where they want. Advertise new products in your store by means of screens, install a screen with which you can shop online or a wall dispenser (automatically linked to your product database)… Make sure that customers can reach you at any time of the day.

Lochting introduces the beginning of a new era.

The chaos of standalone tools is now part of the past. Going online as a pharmacist is no longer extremely time consuming. Because with Lochting, you manage all your digital efforts on one platform. From your online pharmacy to in-store digital advertising.

  • Ready-to-use templates to build your webshop & presentations.
  • Manage all digital efforts in one place.
  • Save space: use a digital screen to inform your patients.
  • Receive pre-made digital advertisements from suppliers.
  • Up to date product database thanks to the automatic connection to Medipim.

All Meditech products are compatible with Lochting.
Read more about this project on the new Lochting website.