The Days is an initiative from, the Belgian e-commerce association. The association originated from the initiative of several important Belgian webshops. wants to increase the confidence of consumers, companies and governments in e-commerce companies. Therefore, has its own quality label, knowledge events and training courses.

The Days Website

What are The Days

With The Days, organises multiple sales events for merchants. On a number of specific dates, Belgian companies can make their webshop known to thousands of consumers. For 24 hours, they’ll offer exclusive discounts. Furthermore, these events highlight themes such as sustainability, reliability and local shopping via e-commerce.

A challenge with e-commerce is that it’s often unclear who or what is behind the company. Especially with the growth of offers everywhere over the internet. As a result, this is exactly the solution that The Days offers. Companies show what they stand for and immediately present their values.

Sales Events

Eco Wednesday is for companies that offer ecological products or work with sustainable packaging. Local Day is for putting local webshops in the spotlight. This day, customers support the local, Belgian economy. Lazy Sunday focusses on webshops where it is safe to shop. Many consumers are still afraid to shop online. On Lazy Sunday they discover a lot of reliable webshops and can try out safe online shopping. During these days, webshops attract new customers and offer exceptional deals for 24 hours.

The Days website design


Development The Days

For this project, Baldwin designed one generic WordPress for The Days, the umbrella one. The Days is firstly the platform for promoting the events. Besides that, it is the place where the merchants register for each event they wish to participate. In the WordPress of The Days, Baldwin implemented the registration flow and the checkout.

White lable-able platform

In addition, Baldwin is building a “white lable-able” platform. This challenge involves that the platform should be able to be set up and used for all the events. Whether it is Eco Wednesday, Lazy Sunday, Local Day,… Every event has its own branding, logo, visual identity and URL. In addition, the domains of these websites are only online on the day of the event itself.

This platform will show general information, products, services and multiple locations of multiple merchants. During the events, the products will not be bought on the platform. Instead, each product will link to the merchants’ webshops or Facebook pages.

We are looking forward to all the sales events. Interested in being one of the participating merchants? Go take a look at The Days! Or are you looking for experts to build your website and make your online wishes come true? Wait no longer, today is THE DAY to tell us about your project!

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