Medipim is one of Baldwin’s own products. Thanks to its success, Medipim grew to be the most extensive online database of medicinal, parapharmaceutical, and cosmetic products. Since the founding of the database, we have been responsible for the design and development of the Magento 2 website and platform. On top of that, we created an Application Programming Interface (API). This way the database can be integrated into any open or closed platform. After Medipim grew exponentially, it was time to upgrade the website and platform.

Medipim website internationalisation

Website internationalisation

After conquering the Belgian market, Medipim is in the process of executing its internationalisation plan. When a company wants to expand its market, it’s important that the website is ready for website internationalisation. With this intention, the overall architecture of the old site needed a change. We made sure that Medipim is set up to handle these multiple languages.

With this intention, the site changed to a country structure. This allows the users to choose from different countries with the corresponding languages. In the current stage of the internationalisation plan, the website now has a worldwide, Belgian and French language view. However, soon Medipim will continue to expand. We assured that the website and platform are ready to set up multiple new views.

Change website structure

Upgrade products

The basic subscription, custom solution, industry and producers subscription stayed the same. However, we added a new product to make custom combinations for the partner subscriptions. It is possible to integrate the database into a platform developed by a partner. Here the customer can choose a combination of solutions. First, we created the option to choose between a monthly or yearly subscription. Next, there are three types of subscriptions: integration of Medipim into software, screens or vending machines and webshops or apps. Finally, the customer can select which partner they are working with and the final prices are adjusted based on that.

FAQ page

There are many reasons why a website needs an FAQ page. As a matter of fact, it improves the user experience, is great for organic search, can save money on customer service,… Consequently, we added an extensive FAQ page on the website of Medipim. The challenge for Medipim is that there are multiple target audiences. That’s why we divided the FAQ into a general part, tips for healthcare professionals, tips for manufacturers and tips for developers.

New website design

With the website upgrade, a new design was in order. Our design team was very excited to create a new style guide for Medipim. The whole layout got a refresh! In addition, we designed suiting icons that are shown everywhere. Using icons in web design helps to guide the different audiences to their right information and subscription. On top of that, they are a great attention grabber and give the site a visual better look. Eventually, we used the design and icons to create a folder.

Marketing communication plan

At the present time, our team of digital marketeers is also working for Medipim. Together with the company’s content manager, we created a communication plan. In the first place, we considered the different audiences to target. This way we established the offer for each audience and the message we deliver to them. Next, the different offline and online channels were chosen that Medipim will use in their communication.

Additionally, Baldwin is also supporting Medipim with advertising. We started with Google Advertising and did the set-up of the different kinds of ads. Medipim provided the ad copy, which we fine-tuned and used in the ads. In the long run, we will continue to follow up the evolution of the Google Ads and help to grow Medipim internationally.

Are you a medical professional looking for a database that provides up-to-date product information and images? Take a look at Medipim! Or let us know if you are looking for a partner for development, design or support for your digital marketing!

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