We developed a custom Magento webshop for Tvserie shop. ‘Faster is better’, that’s the motto of Tvserieshop.be. This online DVD shop offers TV series, in conjunction with the European release date, even when it hasn’t been released in Belgium yet.

TVSerieshop.be is the online shop you want to visit if you want to buy movies or TV series on DVD, anywhere in the Low Countries. The shop offers over 47.000 products, which took 17 hours to upload. The webshop is synchronized with the seller’s management system, so that any change to the stock or the product specifications, is updated automatically. The set-up of the shop required several custom developments. One of the plugins we installed makes it possible to set highly specific price rules, compared to standard plugins. This allows TVSerieshop to offer, for example, a discount price when a customer buys two DVDs of the same studio. We implemented Sisow as a payment processor and Bpost for logistics.


Webshop: www.tvserieshop.be

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