Surprice is a successful name in the ice cream business, so we build them a successful Magento 2 webshop. Artisanal patisserie, a heart for customer service and a fair bit of panache to their creations is what makes them strong. Surprice sells their sweet goods online. Baldwin built their first webshop back in the Magento 1 days. Now and then, we redesigned their website in between. And now, it was time to make the switch to Magento 2. Baldwin was more than happy to help!

Suprice Artisanal patisserie

Upgrade design

With Surprice changing to a Magento 2 environment, they saw the opportunity to change some of the design. There are new elements in their webshop – some of which you will recognise from a visit to their ice cream parlour. Think of the chalk board, or the blue grid. We furthermore mixed up their look and fool, by using new fonts.

The artisanal character of Surprice is still the star of the show, of course. High quality photography makes sure visitors will go crazy over the mouth watering good pictures of Surprice’s delicious creations. It’s almost as if you can taste it – so needless to say, you’ll be very much inclined to order some icy desserts. The design obviously remained responsive. Customers can easily shop on their desktop, smartphone or tablet.

New features

Another new feature is the one of the guestbook. People who visited the parlour can now leave an online message. This way, they are helping others decide to visit Surprice or order from their webshop. A fun and creative way of reviewing a business. Let’s say … rather artisanal, like their desserts!

Want to try their deliciously sweet ice cream? Go order some on their user friendly Magento 2 webshop! Or come eat some at our place, while we talk about how we can help your business grow. Let’s get in touch!

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