A better User Experience (UX) for Sportfoods with a Magento 2 webshop and new web design. Sportfoods is a specialised webshop that distributes sports nutrition from quality brands. The webshop focuses on endurance, strength and team athletes. Baldwin already created a Magento 1 webshop for them. However, Sportfoods wanted to spoil its website visitors with an even better experience! That is why Sportfoods asked Baldwin to upgrade their webshop to Magento 2. In addition, we also added some cool extra features. And we are proud to say that we played a perfect game!

Webshop: https://www.sportfoods.be/

Sportfoods sportvoeding specialist

How we achieved these goals

The challenge of sport nutrition is that most customers lose themselves in the many different food options on webshops. It is often unclear for visitors what nutrition is for short or long distance, beginner or professional and before, during or after sporting.

This is why Sportfoods really wanted to help the customers. Our goal when developing this webshop, was to help athletes find quickly the right products in their niche. Firstly, we integrated very extensive search options. Clients can filter by product groups, effects, activities, ingredients and brands. This guides the site visitors directly to their niche product.

Secondly, each product has clear product information. We integrated icons that immediately show whether the product is for before, during or after sporting. Also the main goal, intended activity, composition and use are clearly visible. As you can see, Sportfoods is really committed to offering the best fitting product to each customer.

Finally, we made some redesigns so Sportfoods can offer packages to their customers. There are even trial packages to test the different products. Customers have the option to choose between different tastes of sport drinks, recovery drinks, energy bars and gels.

There’s no I in team…

… but there is one in Baldwin! We don’t play the game alone. Together with Sportfoods, our whole team trained to achieve this home run. A technical link between Magento and the system of DistriMedia was essential for streamlining the functioning of the webshop. This external partner has a warehouse where Sportfoods stores everything, and they take care of distribution. The go-live of the webshop was a success!

Are you looking for a team player to score with your own webshop? Challenge us and see if we match!

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