From the fashion heart of Antwerp, Angelique runs her own store and webshop. Baldwin guided Seventy One in the e-commerce project, built and designed the first webshop in Magento 1. Now that this version will no longer be supported from 2020, we decided that it’s time for innovation and we migrated it to Magento 2.

Angelique has a passion for beautiful original clothing. That passion has emerged as a young girl in the 80’s when she was always busy creating her own clothing with a vintage appearance. Seventy One was born! She turned her passion into her profession by starting a shop with vintage clothing. Or should we call them “Timeless collections”!?



Since Magento 2.x is very different from Magento 1.x, any custom work completed on the old webshop needed to be re-done for the new store. Challenge accepted! The webshop migration started with the third-party extension installation, continued with webshop setups, Magento&theme configuration, products/categories/customer attribution creation and ended with the content migration.

We integrated plugins and modules such as Yuki, POS Boost My Shop, Amasty Abandoned carts, Magestore Gift card. We also integrated into Seventy One our freshly released SEO module. Benefits? Enhanced e-commerce tracking features, and also a perfect configuration of all the marketing tools.

Tracking and configurations

Because we like to rely on accurate data, we properly configured Google Analytics, Tag Manager & Search Console. Thanks to our SEO module, we are able to use enhanced e-commerce tracking features.

Unlike standard e-commerce tracking (which tracks info that happens mostly on the purchase success page), we track user interactions with products across the user’s shopping experience, including product impressions, product clicks, viewing product details, adding a product to a shopping cart, initiating the checkout process, transactions, and refunds.


The webshop was tested by our team and the client alike. When our developers were 100% sure that everything is running smoothly and decided that Seventy One is ready to make waves in the fashion industry, they launched it. And it was a real success!

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