Sabine Segers is just as passionate about interior architecture as Baldwin is about webshop design and development. In fact, as a child she already got a magical feeling while combining colours, materials and shapes. With Seven O, Sabine takes a very personal approach. In the first place, she listens to the DNA and values of a company. Then she translates this into a suitable, pleasant interior and concept. Since 2020, Seven O has also been designing home offices for individuals or companies. In the meantime, it was necessary that Seven O had a suitable website. We wanted to develop a website that shows professionalism, in combination with the creativity of Seven O. Read more about this exciting project!


Seven O - interior architecture

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The personal approach of Seven O is also exactly the approach that Baldwin uses when designing a website. We develop every website tailor-made for the client. Likewise, for this development we started with listening to Sabine’s own wishes.

After that, we chose to let the website focus on the personal approach and inspiration. After all, the rest is filled in according to the personality of the customer. Seven O is looking for unique materials and colours that exactly match the corporate identity of the company. Sabine brightens up any kind of environment. From new offices to the renovation of existing companies.

Seven O wanted a website that functions as an online portfolio. Therefore, we made the different interior concepts visible. For office and meeting space there is a choice between organic, business, colourful, green and industrial. For the home offices there is green, colourful and Scandinavian. These concepts serve as a starting point. Next, Seven O designs a unique style. They take care of everything from A-Z, in order to create the optimal working environment.

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