We developed and designed an e-commerce channel for Septodont, a global company that sells a wide range of dental products to professionals. Only dentists can buy from them: they sell both anaesthetics and the average necessities for dentistry. Septodont already had a website, but lacked an e-commerce channel. That’s why they came to us! They wanted to test if a webshop would work for their niche. And we were the guide on their road to success.

The webshop officially premiered in Belgium. If it works out, we can roll it out to the rest of the Septodont-world. Should they want more, we can easily set up a new store front as Magento 2 allows more stores in one installation.

Clean design for Septodont

We went for a clean yet bright design, which follows the existing corporate webdesign. Navigating through the website is very easy and feels natural – just don’t forget to log in! As Septodont only sells to professional dentists, you first have to sign up. That’s not just it. Septodont also has to approve you before you can buy their products.

But okay, we realize this doesn’t have anything to do with the design. The design is, as usual, responsive. This allows dentists to shop wherever they are, on whatever screen they’re using. A ‘normal’ visitor won’t see product prices. Prices will show the moment you log in (and only if you are approved).

Magento 2 webshop with amazing features

Woah, features! Yes, we get excited when we get to talk about the cool features we implemented in the webshop. We built the webshop in Magento 2 and implemented all products manually. Automating this process isn’t necessary. Why? Well, unlike the average webshop, their collection doesn’t change very often. Hence a complex, expensive automated system seems a bit excessive.

As for the actual features. Hold on tight, because they’re pretty … tight.

Link to their customer database

As we mentioned before, it is necessary to log in before you can buy anything. Hence the connection with Septodont’s AX system, AKA the customer database! The AX system knows who’s approved to buy from Septodont. When you log in as an approved dentist, the system tells the Magento 2 webshop that it can show prices, allowing a user to place an order.

The connection to this system also comes in handy for those buying anaesthetics. These products are not shipped to your home address, but to a pharmacy near you (of your own choosing). The system remembers which pharmacy you picked, which makes life easier for our online-shopping dentists. How, you ask? Well, the AX system immediately changes the delivery address to your pharmacist’s when you add anaesthetics to your basket.

Module for special promotions

We installed a special module that allows Septodont to create special ‘promotion bundles’. The dentistry company often offers exclusive promotions on a combination of products. This type of promotion sadly isn’t a standard option in Magento 2, which is why we had to create this module. This specific module makes it easy for Septodont to create their own price rules on certain products and make their special promotion bundles.

The link to the AX system also comes in necessary for these promotions as well. Sometimes, Septodont creates a promotion for a certain customer group. So if the AX system recognises you as a part of a group, you may or may not see a specific promo.

The launch

Septodont’s beautiful webshop has been live for a while now. And guess what? It is working! Orders are coming in nicely, and Septodont is happy with the results. Meaning that so are we! And the best part is that we can look towards the future.

So, we’re going to be bold here. We know you read this for a reason. And we hope we convinced you that we are pretty awesome. If that’s the case; hey, let’s meet up! Get in touch and we’ll find out together how we can start a fruitful partnership.

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