School Supply is a business that sells a wide range of articles for school. The business owner, Philip, assigned us an important task. We needed to create a webshop with a clean design, accessible for the business’ target audiences: schools, teachers, institutions, and private persons. The main goal of School Supply is to easily facility group-purchases of educational products for students.


The client is selling a very extensive range of specific school materials, craft supplies, everything for ICT and STEM, handbooks and workbooks, office supplies, classroom, and audiovisual equipment. The schools can easily manage the lists and place orders or have parents individually consult this list and pay directly.


A briefing meeting for development provided us with the information we needed in order to start planning the project. We established the requirements and functionalities that would be implemented on the website. Our team of designers worked on the wireframes and adjusted the design based on the client’s feedback.

Our developers integrated the webshop with the ERP solution, product information management, online payment providers, online shipping provider, and the external warehouse management system. They developed the product catalog, the credits, and the checkout flow. They integrated Campaign Monitor with the webshop and created the transactional emails.

Logistics management

Schools and their teachers have the ability to create and share assortments of the School Supply product collection with their students in an easy way. By doing so, students can order products online at group-sale pricing rates but pre-pay their order online thus minimizing the financial overhead for the school. Moreover, any consumer can order School Supply products online like from any other website.

Through the custom PHP web application built by Baldwin, School Supply is selling its products:

  •      delivery of all goods in bulk, at school
  •      delivery of packages per year, per direction or per subject, at school
  •      delivery of packages per student, at school
  •      delivery of packages per student, with home delivery

Shopping lists to ease the process

School Supply’s relationship managers frequently meet with the person in charge of each school to ensure that all the lists are correct and up-to-date. Where necessary, School Supply is creating specific articles in the school’s webshop so that parents/students can order everything they need in a single online order. This is also easier and cheaper for them than having to shop from different sources.

School Supply client’s testimonial:

“With the group purchase, all our students immediately have the right type of device at an attractive price. The ordering procedure is simple and delivery is punctual. The account is easy to manage for the school. Because we have an overview of the orders at all times, we can address the students who would have forgotten their order on time.” – Scheppersinstituut Deurne, Belgium.

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