Our partnership with UC Experts is more than the development of a new Magento 2 webshop. Our team was also involved in the whole rebranding process. With a new company name, the webshop got a new domain, design and website structure. On top of that, we are excited that our digital marketing team is involved with SEO optimization and SEA campaigns.

Rebranding campaign UC Experts

Webshop: https://www.ucexperts.eu/en

Distributor webshop development

UC Experts is a distributor of unified communications. Because of this, the site differs from B2C webshops. You can view all their products and services when you are not a partner, but you can’t see any prices or buy products. Only registered partners can login and make an actual purchase.

The webshop got a new domain because the company changed its name. UC Experts is planning to grow internationally. Consequently, we made it a multi language website.

UC Experts offers a wide variety of unified communication products, from many different vendors. It was a challenge to make it easier for the customers to find the right products as fast as possible. However, we made it possible for the webshop visitors to use more than 60 filters! This way, they can find their way through all the products and categories.

Marketing service for webshop

With the go-live of the webshop, we took care of all the tracking configurations. This includes the set-up of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google and Bing Webmaster Tools. In addition, our digital marketing experts are working together with UC Experts to boost their business.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing the webshop so that search engines show it as a top result. We started this process with a full SEO audit. In this audit our marketeers look at the current state of the website, the structured data, on page optimizations, speed and other technical aspects.

After the SEO audit, the fun part begins! Our marketeers and developers are now working together closely to improve the overall SEO of the webshop, in collaboration with UC Experts. We will keep maintaining the site so that it is up-to-date for SEO changes in the future.

Google Advertising

Furthermore, we are bringing extra traffic to the website with advertising on Google. We started with a competitor’s analysis and keyword research. Next, we did the set-up of the Google Ads campaign to target IT professionals. During the rest of our partnership, we will maintain the ads and optimize them so UC Experts gets new leads to become partners.

LinkedIn Advertising

We wrote earlier about the efficiency of LinkedIn Advertising for B2B. Because UC Experts is a B2B company, we decided to set-up ads on LinkedIn. The focus here goes to three things: great targeting, interesting and relevant content. LinkedIn is the perfect platform to target IT professionals and to make them aware of all the advantages of becoming a reseller for UC Experts.

Email marketing

UC Experts didn’t only get a new webshop but also a new domain, name, style and physical address. As a result, we helped with the rebranding campaign. The partners of the distributor are easiest to reach via email campaigns. Therefore, we created a rebranding campaign with Campaign Monitor. Our team is responsible for the design, content and creation of the mails. We started with a monthly newsletter, which first focused on the new brand. This way all their partners know about the rebranding. Now, we keep giving them updates about new products and company news.

Campaign Reporting

The results of our work concerning SEO and SEA are shown in a monthly report that we send to UC Experts. Firstly, in this report we show detailed information about the webshop analytics. This includes sessions, bounce rate, value, demographic information,… Next, the report gives product performance information, website search terms, landing pages and data about the shopping flow. In conclusion, the report shows for all the different campaigns the cost, achievements and sales.

Successful partnership that continues

We were very happy with the rebranding and go-live of the webshop. In the meantime, UC Experts is a known name in the unified communications industry. The partnership will continue with maintenance from our development team. Together with our digital marketeers, UC Experts will grow internationally in the next few years. We are very excited to see another of our clients grow successfully!

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