Formerly known as Clement Pharma Concepts, Studio Clement is a Belgian family business that made its name in pharmacy interior design, extending its expertise for over 3 generations. They’ve decided to no longer solely focus on pharmacies and choose to expand their business. Studio Clement is currently hitting 3 new sectors: medical practices, retail, and offices. Needless to say, this expansion demanded a solid rebranding as well as a new, attractive website. Both challenges were gladly taken on by the Baldwin team!

Rebranding to Studio Clement

With their new focus on different industries, it was time to say goodbye to Clement Pharma Concepts. Studio Clement is, however, a perfect new brand name. It still honors the family name while not restricting itself to its pharmaceutical target group. Since this was somewhat of a fresh start, Studio Clement also got a new logo and complete brand design. The solid blue emits professionalism and trust, while the bright green adds a playful touch. For its logo, we kept it simple and classy. Its fine lines and rounded finish give the logo a high-end feeling, fitting perfectly with the rest of Studio Clement’s new brand.

Rebranding is one thing – putting your brand in a new market is another. We first aimed our arrows at the existing clientele. Our message was simple: Studio Clement still tends to your pharmacy’s interior design needs, but they now also offer their services to other industries as well. We decided on an emailing campaign, as well as a combination of Google Display and Google Search advertising. The new branding also saw the light of a pharmaceutical fair.

Two phases of (digital) marketing

We didn’t burn through our efforts in one go, of course. As mentioned above, we first targeted their current audience to ensure they can still count on Studio Clement to fulfill their needs. Phase 2 is currently in place, during which we will focus on the new markets. Our first priority is retail: showroom and shop interior. We start with a broad search campaign that we aim to finetune once we get more insights into our audience. From that moment on, we’ll set up several campaigns based on shop type and additional services.

Along with retail, we also look at medical practices. Our approach consists of display marketing as well as direct marketing. Sending out experts will play a big role for this target group too, as well as potential guest lectures at medical schools to highlight the importance of a welcoming interior where the patients can feel safe. This, however, is a project in the long run – so specifics are yet to be outlined.

WordPress site with WooCommerce plugin

The new Studio Clement website is a true looker. Whether you use the bright or dark mode, it’s a visually pleasing experience with several elements that grab your attention. Our animations are carefully placed next to information that really matters. Attracting the visitor’s attention to Studio Clement’s core as well as highlighting call-to-actions, the animated elements are both aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

Next to an intuitive design we took care of their webshop, using the WooCommerce plugin. Their current product range is still humble, which is why we do not actively promote sales through digital marketing. It is, however, a future option to broaden their product range as an extra service on top of what they currently offer.

Before the new platform went live, we made sure we are tracking the way users are using it. We configured the Google Analytics account and the Tag Manager account. We’re now fully investing in Studio Clement’s brand growth in the new markets. This roughly translates to constant monitoring and optimizing our efforts, both online and offline. This extends itself to the website as well, which we will finetune to drive as many leads as possible.

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