Orthoshop is an e-commerce website that focuses on the delivery of reimbursed orthopedic products, such as shoes, prostheses, braces and bandages, mobility aid, pediatric orthopedics, therapeutic stockings, etc. The company is recognized by all health insurance funds from Belgium and it’s responsible for the administrative process for the reimbursement.

Webshop: www.orthoshop.be



Our collaboration started with a briefing for development, in order to conclude all the requirements that the business owners wanted for their webshop. We established it will integrate various specific functionalities, combined with a beautiful design.

Creating the wireframes

Here, at Baldwin, we create wireframes before starting to work on the design. We created the layouts by keeping in mind how we want users to work with the information from our webshop. The purpose of each page was established based on the user’s point of entry.


When it comes to design, careful planning generated a natural flow of the work. The design is responsive and it keeps being intuitive and pleasant to the eye, even on mobile devices. By including high-quality images in the website’s content, we succeed to offer this webshop a clean interface, which brings out all the benefits and products available.


We knew exactly how each page should look like and which were the functionalities that the client wanted to be implemented on the website. We created this website by using Magento 2, according to prior planning.

Site launch

Before launching it, we made sure everything was tested by both the client and our team. We checked if the SEO functionalities & shopping flows were working properly.

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