Online pharmacy 24pharma is one of the largest webshops in Belgium for medicines, cosmetics and personal care products. We are very proud to provide this online pharmacy with a brand new Magento 2 webshop! It was a large and challenging project, with custom made Magento 2 functionalities.

pharmacy webshop 24pharma

PIM for 3 sources of product data

24pharma owns more than 25,000 products and has a large customer base. Both products and customers were transferred to the new webshop. For the products a link was made from the Akeneo PIM to Magento and the customers were migrated from their old Magento 1 webshop. This Product Information Management system (PIM) connects three different sources of product data: the old webshop, Medipim and Business Central. The complete product management takes place in Akeneo. 24pharma can extend their data here, thanks to the connection to the Magento 2 webshop.

The Akeneo PIM – Magento 2 connector makes it possible to transfer product data from Akeneo to the new webshop. There is also a possibility to quick sync certain products throughout the day. In addition, we linked the webshop to Medipim, an online database of medicines, parapharmacy and cosmetics. Through the API, images and product information on 24pharma are automatically up-to-date.

Finally, there is the link between Akeneo/Magento and the ERP Business Central. Business Central can create new products in Akeneo and can send price and stock updates to Magento directly. The other way around Magento pushes orders to Business Central.

Magento custom webshop

The development of this webshop was an extensive process. Our team implemented several functionalities to make the webshop as user friendly as possible.

Extensive search function

As search function, we implemented, a very extensive search engine specialised for e-commerce. It automatically recognises customers’ search intentions and context. The search function takes into account special characters, dimensions, attributes, modifiers and categories, just like a real salesperson.

Magento 2 custom functionalities

Next, we developed custom functionalities for 24pharma. The delivery time is visible per product, calculated based on the current product stock. If a product is out of stock, there is the option to subscribe to an automatic mail when it is back in stock.

Collecting loyalty points

A great loyalty points system is part of the webshop. Through a Magento 2 plugin, customers can save points when ordering products. With these collected points, customers can obtain discounts. On top of that, each product mentions how many points customers save when purchasing it.

Custom checkout

A new element of the webshop is that the checkout fully adapts to the needs of 24pharma. There is a split between the checkout for B2C and B2B. This division makes the checkout of the shopping cart extra clear and user friendly.

The payments are handled smoothly by Multisafepay. For the shipments, a connection has been made with Paazl. This partner receives all the orders, so that they sent the products to the customers without any problems.

Amasty SEO Toolkit

For the SEO optimization, the Amasty SEO Toolkit was implemented. This Magento 2 extension makes online shops score higher in search engines. Through the tool, 24pharma can easily maximize their SEO effectively. It increases the visibility of the webshop, which results in more organic traffic on the site.

Many parties are part of developing the 24pharma webshop. Nevertheless, there was a good cooperation throughout the project. The online pharmacy 24pharma continues to operate successfully and grow.

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