This digital marketing project was complete: from SEO audit, keyword research for SEO and SEA to Google and Facebook ads. Nobila Casa is a chain of Home & Deco stores from Romania. They are selling decor products in a range of aesthetics and sizes, allowing their clients to create a home that’s unique to their residence and lifestyle and make the most of special occasions and life every day. The chain owns 15 physical stores, located in 13 different cities. A few years ago, they also joined the online market and starting with 2018, we begin our collaboration.



Audit and suggestions for improvement

It all started with a classic takeover procedure: require access to all the accounts, debriefing on marketing procedures and our way of working. After establishing the first details, we provided an audit of overall website performance – SEO audit, keyword research for SEO & SEA and audit for existing Google Adwords campaigns.

Campaigns planning

Our planning for Nobila Casa had a natural flow of the work. The research and improvement list were followed by the planning of the campaigns and later on, a budget split. We adjusted it according to the client’s preferences and resources.

Marketing accounts configurations

Before starting to work for the client, we checked & improved the setting for all the marketing tools implementations: Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console. We wanted to make sure all the data is properly collected, and the insights we base our work on are accurate.

Google Analytics & Search Console are the first we check since they offer information about users, traffic, the overall website health, its indexing status, and the list can go on. We love working with Google Tag Manager because it helps us implement tracking events on the site’s usage. Benefits? Passing the process from development to marketing team saves time and lowers the costs.

Google AdWords & Facebook Ads

Since the budget was approved, the structure of the campaigns was planned and the keyword research as well, we were able to start working on advertising for Nobila Casa. First things first, we checked and improved Google & Facebook product feeds, needed for our dynamic remarketing campaigns.

Our main channels used for advertising are Google AdWords & Facebook, followed by other marketing & PR activities sustained by Nobila Casa’s team.

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