Meditech Pharma is Baldwin’s partner and client. Meditech creates solutions for medical professionals that makes their lives easier. They are globally known for their custom pharmacy robots that fit any pharmacy, big or small. They are currently still growing on a global level, which is why they needed a new website. We focused on a fresh design and an improved user friendliness per country.

WordPress site Meditech

Meditech Pharma is a global player, which means that they need to cater to several needs. We decided to set up a website for the 5 countries in which they are most active in: Belgium, France Spain, Australia and Germany. Each language has its own unique content, from blogposts to events. Meditech is often present with their own stand on several pharmaceutical fairs all over the world. Needless to say, someone from Germany doesn’t need to see which event takes place in Australia. That’s why we work with specific banners for each country, based on event dates and location. It’s easy to change this banner’s content and to activate it during a specific period in time.

Lots of content in a clean design

The biggest challenge for us was the enormous amount of content combined with a tight deadline. Meditech needed their new site to go live as soon as possible. They also wanted to tell visitors as much as possible, leading to quite a lot of content that needed to be implemented. It was a first for us to create such an extensive WordPress website on such a short amount of time. During the creation process, there were several change requests, adding to the pressure. Yet, we managed to insert all content in a very clean, user friendly design. We stayed true to Meditech’s brand image, using black and white as primary colours, with deep green accents.

On the product pages, we implemented several animated images, which required extra coding time from our developers. We used the renders created by Johan Soens, the Meditech designer. Apart from the renders, there are also plenty of micro animations on the website. When you hover over buttons or product details, there’s extra information popping up or colour changes.

Interactive map with Meditech’s active installations

Another unique part of the Meditech website is the interactive world map on which you can see all current active installations. On that map, you can find every pharmacist that uses a Meditech solution, and which solution they installed in their pharmacy. There’s two ways to check them out: either by browsing the map or by scrolling through the list of customers. No plug-in was used, meaning that this interactive map is 100% the result of our developers’ JavaScript code. It’s a seamless integration of WordPress and Google Maps, with a neat and easy-to-use result.

Marketing for Meditech Pharma

Of course, we didn’t just stop after we went live with the Meditech Pharma website. Baldwin assisted their partner on their digital marketing efforts. From e-mail marketing over social media to Google Ads. We covered the Google Analytics setup as well as the entire Google advertising approach. Over the course of time, we still finetune whenever necessary. Meditech also counted on us to help them with their content marketing – from social media to press releases and advertorials.

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