Baldwin developed and designed the Magento 2 webshop for Marechal. This company is a wholesaler of school, hobby, and office products, such as paper and cardboards, didactic materials, cleaning supplies etc. We are talking about a family business, who aims to offer high-quality products at competitive prices. They are appreciated by their clients because of the non-toxic materials they use. They are selling both online and offline.


Portfolio - Marechal

The business owners needed a webshop with a clean design, accessible to consumers. Their target audience is mostly represented by schools, teachers, institutions, and private persons. The school & companies account needed to allow the creation and management of teachers’ accounts.

Design and development

It all began with a briefing meeting for development, that provided us all the information needed in order to start working on the project. After all the requirements were established, our designers started to work on wireframes. By having it all planned, development has gone naturally. Our team made sure they implemented the SEO requirements documented in a prior checklist.

Usage and tracking

The most important steps we deliver before launching a webshop are SEO and SEA functionalities. We want to know that Marechal is perfectly indexed by the search engines and the data gathered is accurate and representative. This is why we implemented tools such as Google and Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

Site launch

We made sure everything was tested by our team and our client, before launching the website in soft live for a few days. The website is created in Magento 2, which perfectly encounters the needs of a webshop. The admin view is easy to follow and includes all the functionalities needed for e-commerce.

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