Online pharmacies have become increasingly important in recent years due to their convenience and accessibility.  Pharmacies are increasingly transforming businesses to be more accessible also in the online space. Through its online store, offers professional advice and sells a range of over 40,000 products from 350 different brands. 

We helped Apotheek Online with a Magento upgrade and a front-end refresh. The final results?

  • Better user experience
  • Improved accessibility
  • Boost in indexing & better rankings in the organic search results

Magento upgrade

We assisted Apotheek Online in an upgrade to the latest version of Magento. Regular upgrades are important for several reasons, including:

Security: upgrading to the latest version ensures that their webshop is using the most up-to-date security features and is best protected against malicious behavior.

Performance: upgrading to the latest version can improves the speed and overall performance, which leads to a better user experience and increased sales.

Bug fixes: upgrading to the latest version of Magento improves the stability and reliability of their webshop.

New features: now, our client has access to the newest features and can take advantage of them to improve the webshop.

Implementing The Hyvä Theme

In recent years, the Magento ecosystem has experienced significant progressions, with the introduction of various themes aimed at enhancing the performance and user experience of webshops. Among these, the Hyvä theme for Magento 2 has emerged as a top competitor, revolutionizing the process of building and managing online stores.

We’re such strong believers in this solution, that we leveraged its features for Apotheek Online.

Massive improvement in terms of website speed

Page speed is crucial for webshops because it directly affects the user experience and can have a significant impact on the success of the business.

When webshop pages load quickly, customers are more likely to stay on the site and make purchases. On the other hand, slow-loading pages can frustrate users and cause them to abandon their shopping carts, resulting in lost sales and revenue for the business. In fact, research shows that even a one-second delay in page load time can lead to a 7% reduction in conversions.

Furthermore, page speed also plays a role in search engine optimization (SEO). Search engines like Google consider page speed as a ranking factor, which means that faster-loading pages can improve a webshop’s visibility in search results and ultimately drive more traffic to the site.

Here’s an example of the drastic improvement the upgrade & Hyva has done for the shop.

Desktop performance – Homepage



Webshop tracking

Tracking webshop activity via Google Tag Manager is crucial for any business with an online store. This powerful tool enables us to collect valuable data on your customers’ behavior, such as what products they view, add to cart, or purchase. Therefore, we made sure the tracking for the client is on point, by configuring the Google Analytics & Google Tag Manager accounts. 

By analyzing the webshop’s performance, anyone can identify areas for improvement, such as pages that need to be optimized, products that need to be promoted more effectively, or checkout processes that need to be simplified.

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