Baldwin developed the first Magento 2 webshop for Molecule. The outbreak of the COVID-19 virus resulted in a shift towards online shops due to the closure of non-essential stores. As a result, even now more than 50% of the consumers shop online more frequently than before the pandemic. Also Molecule decided that it was time to jump on the bandwagon of e-commerce. For this webshop we used the Akeneo PIM software and added some other interesting features!

Magento webshop Molecule

Webshop Molecule

Molecule is a known name in Belgium as a mega store. They offer a wide variety of products, such as do-it-yourself, garden equipment, clothing, furniture, electronics and sports equipment. The physical store has more than 400,000 unique products spread over 25 departments, all under one roof. A real challenge to create a fitting website with a webshop for this family business. We are happy to be part of this inspiring journey!

Website goals

This Magento website has two main goals. On the one hand, it is a webshop where Molecule sells online for the first time. It is not the intention to offer all 400,000 unique products on the webshop. A selection has been made of the ones that are useful to offer online to the customers.

In addition, the website is a platform to attract visitors to the physical store. For example, the website advertises products and discounts that are only available in the store. There is also a crowd barometer implemented that shows how busy the store is at the moment. This way, visitors can see whether the store is full or not, useful in times of Corona and afterwards.

Akeneo PIM Webshop

For the collecting, managing, and enriching of the product information on the webshop, we implemented the Akeneo PIM. As a result, all data comes from one source: the ERP system Navision. Because of the connection between Navision and Akeneo, it is possible to create new products. On top of that, the content team of Molecule itself can complement the productdata.

Custom shipping cost

We integrated MultiSafepay to manage the payment process. For the shipment of orders, the webshop has a custom shipping cost. As mentioned before, Molecule sells a wide variety of products. Their offer ranges from small electronics to large furniture. With this in mind, the transport costs of the order are calculated on the basis of the product.

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