This portfolio post describes two webshop projects that run from the same Magento 2 Backend.
“Why would this be necessary?” Good question! Read along and find out 😉

A Suivre is a multi-brand fashion boutique with multiple store locations and a webshop.
Collectors Club is a designer brand that offers a complete wardrobe with a refined style.
And both of these companies are founded by Nele and Veerle Van Doorslaer.

So now the dots are connected and we can dig into the details of these Magento 2 webshops.


asuivre magento2 fashion webshop designWe’ve put a lot of thought and effort into getting the design right for these two different brands. We needed to make a clear difference between the A Suivre webshop and the Collectors Club clothing brand.

Although they run both from the same Magento 2 webshop base we made sure that both webshops have a completely different look and feel.
They might both look different but they still reflect the style of Nele and Veerle while keeping a close eye on the user experience.


collectorsclub Magento2 fashion webshop designThe A Suivre and Collectors Club webshop has both a Lookbook plugin where you can preview carefully curated looks.

In a glimpse of the eye, you can see the different items within one of the proposed looks, the available sizes of the included items, color options, and so much more.
And you can easily order that whole look from that single lookbook page. Really helpful and super easy to look “put together” when you don’t want to spend hours looking for clothing items that would combine into a great new stylish outfit.


Both webshops are built on the same Magento 2 base. So both webshops run on the same backend.
By doing this the owners can very easily;

  • Control both webshops from one interface
  • Quickly add new web pages
  • Follow up on orders
  • Change product info
  • Update webshop details
  • Adjust page copy
  • Create new lookbook outfits

All of this can be done for two webshops from one single back-office platform

The Magento 2 webshop is the core of their online business and we are proud to offer them a solution that is really convenient for their entire team.

The underlying product database and POS software are Softtouch. We connected the Softtouch database to the Magento 2 Backend in order to have product info, images and stock sync between the multiple offline stores and the webshop.

It is now also possible for one of the physical stores to check the overall stock across the different stores and the warehouse. Clients can now reserve an item through the webshop when it’s not available in the store they are visiting.

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