H-PHARMA stands as the leading manufacturer of medical storage and displays systems in Europe. Specializing in a diverse array of solutions, their storage systems cater to the exhibition of prescription medicines, retail fixtures for over-the-counter products, hygiene essentials, cosmetics, and accessories. Their reputation for delivering high-quality designs and products is well-established, with installations spanning across Western Europe, the UK, Australia, Scandinavian countries, Oceania, and Africa.

As H-PHARMA experiences significant growth in Eastern and African countries, they have become a globally recognized “one-stop-shop” for all your storage solution needs. Whether you’re an architect or a shopfitter, H-PHARMA Storage Systems can be customized to perfectly fit anything from the smallest community pharmacy to the largest retail outlet warehouse.

Website: www.hpharma.eu 

Technical analysis

We analyzed the technical challenges, paying specific attention to essential functionalities and areas that require improvement. These areas include ensuring compatibility with modules and add-ons, enhancing upgradeability, optimizing site speed, and addressing security updates. By evaluating these technical aspects, we had insights into the necessary improvements that need to be implemented.

Different audiences, different experiences

H-PHARMA ‘s main audiences are software architects and pharmacists. Together with the client, we have agreed that it makes sense to have two different platforms: one for B2B, and one for B2C.

Web Development

Baldwin excels at transforming our clients’ requirements into concrete realities. Our team of talented developers is always prepared to transform desires and innovative ideas into a fully customized webshop. Throughout our journey with Magento 2, we have crafted an impressive array of custom modules that have delighted our clients. Here is what we implemented for H-PHARMA:

  • Order comments module: Simply adds an order comment box to the shipping step. Comments can be viewed in the order of history.
  • FAQ module: It offers extensive responses to commonly asked questions, simplifying the customer support process and enhancing user satisfaction.
  • SEO Module: Baldwin’s SEO module comes with a series of tracking and SEO functionalities, developed based on extensive 1st hand experience and thorough research.
  • EAV Attributes: It adds extra functionalities to the Magento product attributes.

Tracking & configurations

Our digital team is particularly fond of utilizing marketing tools for a few reasons. Firstly, these tools enable them to track conversions effectively. Additionally, they provide valuable insights into visitor behavior, offering our team fresh perspectives on website usage. We created the Google Analytics and the GTM accounts and configured them properly, in order to track user behavior.

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