Lotana was already using Magento 1, but the customer reached out to us as they needed the upgrade to Magento 2. The webshops needed functionality upgrades, and we were the hero they needed.

Our customer really is into games. We mean really is into games. Literally, that’s the business. Tim Schoors and Marjolijn Van Mellaerts founded the webshop Spelmagazijn in 2008. They transformed their passion into a busy webshop in a very short period of time. They supply board games from famous brands, puzzles, toys, and craft materials. In 2015 they rebranded themselves, as the name “Spel” magazijn (Game shop) wasn’t entirely representative for the business. Thus, they branded their several webshops under one brand – Lotana. Fun fact: Lotana is a combination of the names of the two daughters of the owners, LieseLOT and ANAbel. And we think that is very cute.

It’s all about fun and games

Yes, it is very much about fun and games. And we absolutely love games! This is why this project is one that is very dear to us. The challenges were there, as it was a complex project. Lotana consists of five sub-websites: spelmagazijn.be, puzzelmagazijn.be, creatiefmagazijn.be, speelgoedmagazijn.be, and miniloco.be.

Webshop: www.lotana.be


The best part of a game: the level-up

As they were an existing customer, we had a lot of ideas. And the migration to Magento 2 was the perfect opportunity to implement new functionalities and optimize existing ones. Basically a level up. We told you we love games.

We also migrated all products and customers from M1 to M2 and the customer even held on to the same passwords. The level-up is that smooth. Afterward, we restructured the shop. Some features are still a work in progress, such as implementing the customer’s wishes of going international and preparing a multi-language webshop (EN, FR, NL). For each language, we created extra store-views connected to their main domain names and cross-domain tracking, as we also used our marketing skills. Which are 9000+, by the way.

The Magento webshop is connected to an ERP. As a result, we used our mana potion and some spells to test everything and to make sure everything works just like on M1. It did. We won that round.


See our agency profile on Adobe Solution Partner: partners.magento.com/baldwin

The other best part of a game: the rewards

Firstly, we must state that our work is our reward. But having improved the speed of the shop with the whole team working to optimize everything and make it a whole lot faster – that was a well-deserved reward. Talking about rewards, we have to tell you about the payment system. The payment provider is MultiSafepay and we tweaked it to work like a charm.

The other systems the customer uses, such as gift cards needed special modules for such functionalities. The gift card codes can be used on the website, or directly sent to friends. The reward points system is another great feature. Their loyalty program offers 2 reward points for each Euro spent on the website. Woah, just like a real-life game!


The spell can be used on

Businesses that want to constantly improve their webshop. Increasing speed, improving functionalities, implementing new ones with Magento 2

Businesses that have different decentralized brands and consider bringing them under a single login interface and master admin.

Why you should play with us

We love games! Therefore, we love challenges. But most of all we’re great at multiplayers. So if you’re looking for a partner to co-op, let us know, and let’s play together.

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