LANCO Group reached out to us with very specific group needs. They knew what they wanted: a Magento Business Solution Partner. And as it turns out, we were the absolute perfect fit for building them a platform to unify all the websites the group has. But we’ll get into this later.

LANCO Group helps the world. For over 60 years now. Quite the statement, we know. But bear with us. This is a fact. The technical textile products company specializes in developing, manufacturing, and distributing aluminum, steel, or inflatable frame tents. They are a big supplier for international relief and response organizations all over the world – think of The Red Cross, various NGOs, civil protection personnel deployed for humanitarian purposes… So you see, we didn’t lie: LANCO really helps the world!

NFS stands for ‘Need For Simplicity’

As usual, we went beyond development. We offered support and technical guidance while maintaining a very close partnership. We always aimed to truly understand LANCO’s business (goals) and operations. Therefore, thanks to this approach, we were able to find the best solutions for them.


Act one: CLADIS

CLADIS was our first priority. And from the get-go, we knew we wanted and needed to unburden the client. Having multiple websites in the group, they had different platforms and logins for each one. And our proposal: a single login solution for all websites and all languages. After we gave ourselves a high-five, everything now runs as smooth as silk. All upcoming projects for the group can be handled via the same login.

Baldwin: 1. Problems: 0.

In a tad more technical terms, development was pretty straightforward. Still, this doesn’t mean there were no challenges. We’ve set up CLADIS’ multi-storeview and multi-language website from the get-go, while keeping in mind that this is the first part of a bigger story. 

Akeneo is another solution we’ve implemented to assist in managing product-related content. Please, hold your applause! We must first tell you some things about it. Akeneo is a third-party platform with Magento 2 module that is a great product information management solution to power omnichannel commerce initiatives. The system stores product data, a category tree is generated, and everything is synced to the multiple Magento stores. The big upside of this approach? We centralize information (and trust us, it can be quite a lot) in a single place. You can easily manage it, at any given time, all throughout the group’s websites. Talk about an added bonus.

Baldwin: 2. Problems: 0. You can definitely applaud now.


Did this excite you? Lucky you! More coming soon, as we still have other projects cooking for LANCO Group. Stay tuned!


Something to learn every day

This implementation is a match made in heaven for:

  • Businesses that want to constantly improve their webshop. Increasing speed, improving functionalities, implementing new ones with Magento 2
  • Businesses that have different decentralized brands and consider bringing them under a single login interface and master admin.

What we do best

Here at Baldwin, we’re committed to understanding your business before diving right into the project. Given our background, we acknowledge that there is no secret sauce or fancy ‘just-add-water’ recipe when it comes to webshops. Let us know what you dream of, and we’ll start doing our proven magic.

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