Baldwin redesigned the WEBA Magento 2 webshop with a better User Experience (UX). WEBA is an established and loved furniture store in Belgium. In 2017, Baldwin developed the first large Magento 2 webshop for WEBA, quite a challenge. Therefore, we were enthusiastic when WEBA asked us to do a redesign three years later. For the new webshop, the focus is on User Experience. With this intention, we did everything we can to make the site more user-friendly for the customers.


Growth story webshop

WEBA believed in the collaboration of marketeers and developers at Baldwin. We worked closely with WEBA over the following years by tackling online marketing together. The strong concept of WEBA combined with the webshop and online marketing was a great success! Never before has WEBA seen such a booming business. In the last years there was a big increase in online purchases. In addition, together we have succeeded in optimizing the SEO of the website.

As shown above, the old webshop performed very well. Nevertheless, we hope to give online sales an extra boost with the restyling.

For the purpose of improved UX:

  • Even better user-friendliness
  • Faster navigation
  • Avoid customer drop-offs
  • Encourage customers to move to the order

User Experience

Homepage UX

The homepage is full of triggers, but here too the webshop focuses entirely on UX. We opted for a sleeker design. With the new look, the banners, frames and CTAs are no longer rounded. Everything is in sleek style that creates a better experience for the visitors.

The focus is also on Arsène Weba, the famous mascot. He offers loyal service since 1986 and deserves to be more in the spotlight. The other cartoons are now also shown more clearly, so that customers can find the gift voucher, folder or newsletter on the homepage more quickly.

Arsene Webdesign

Product detail page UX

The product detail page was also redesigned. For instance, we deleted some icons with the aim of less distraction for the customer. This way the customer can navigate faster on the product page. In addition, the dimensions of the products are clearer. The customer finds faster the information to be sure that the furniture fits into the interior. The focus of WEBA and the new webshop puts the customer completely central. Due to increased UX, the visitors don’t have questions when navigating through the products. They find their own way easily in the shopping process.

In addition, the options for upselling and cross-selling have been placed more in the spotlight. The customer will navigate more easily between the different products and will be guided through the webshop.

Clear promos

In the renewed webshop, the promos are more transparent. Now it is immediately clear to the customer which products are on promotion and how long the promo will last. Moreover, you can see the price more quickly. The distracting elements have been removed, making searching for all promotions on the webshop a pleasant experience.

Design color codes

The typical blue of WEBA is still in the spotlight throughout the webshop. The color code has been adjusted so that it is clearer, but remains in WEBA’s recognizable corporate identity.

In addition, there is more white space to make the design less busy. The whole look and feel is more stylish. Again, the UX improves by reducing distraction. As a result, the entire ordering process is as smoothly as possible.

Successful redesign

Thanks to the good cooperation between WEBA and our entire team, this challenging project has certainly been a success. WEBA has even launched a Baldwin seat!

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