Hysop asked Baldwin to help them with their Magento webshop. The company is a supplier of medical and cleaning products for the healthcare sector: rest and care homes, residential and care centers & medical pedagogical institutes. The business is supported by 3 pillars: health care, hygiene, and disinfection. High-quality products and fast delivery give Hysop a reliable and personal character.

Webshop: www.hysop.be

Development & design

A meeting with the client gave us all the insights we needed regarding the requirements. We established the navigation, the menu, the product grid and the modules that needed to be installed on the Magento 2 webshop. Hysop had a special request: to first have to approve a customer account before the customer can see their prices and products.

The front-end is clean, simple and product-oriented. Magento 2 sculpted the back-end into a modern design, which is a lot more user-friendly than the previous version. And our client is really happy about it. Our clients had the chance to easily maintain their webshop, without having to be some certified computer Jedi.


Having a webshop up and running is not enough. That’s why we made sure our SEO module is installed on Hysop. It comes with a series of tracking and SEO features developed an extensive 1st hand experience and research. 👌

Baldwin’s marketing team strives to get development independence. Their goal is to be able to allow themselves and our customers to implement tracking and tracking codes in the shortest time possible, with the lowest costs. As such, they are intense users of Google Tag Manager (GTM).

We implemented custom events, such as:

  • Product Impressions
  • Product Clicks
  • Product Detail Impressions
  • Add / Remove from Cart
  • Checkout
  • Purchases
  • Site searches
  • Contact forms sent
  • Newsletter subscriptions

We checked URLs for consistency and properly generated the sitemap. We made sure the Google Analytics account, Bing & Google Search Console accounts are properly configured.

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