Hercull wanted a new design for their website so we help them create a solid image that reflects exactly what they believe and create. Thats why they came to us for a new WordPress website! Hercull builds industrial units with robust and high-quality materials. Every entrepreneur has the freedom to design the space into a comfortable workplace.


Thanks to careful planning to the smallest details, the work went smoothly as they collaborated with us really easily.
The website is WordPress, integrated with everything Hercull required.
It all started to take shape after the front-end team programmed the templates and made them pretty.

Did you know that Baldwin is one of the Top WordPress Web Design Companies according to webdesignagencies.com? Now you know 😉

SEO & Analytics set-up

Being a team of data-driven people we deliver what we believe to be the most important thing in terms of marketing at the launch of every website; SEO and SEA functionalities. We make sure each page is indexed, the provided data is accurate, we customize events and 301 redirects.
Of course, the list goes on, but we do not launch any website before it goes through the eyes of every team.


After we make sure the go-live checklist is completed they will develop a marketing strategy where they’ll keep online and offline advertising into account. We are excited to help them further and create a unique brand image for such a project in the spotlight!

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