Fit & Collect by Collectique is an ambitious e-commerce concept. With Collectique, founder Claire Tobback wants to offer a solution for all the hassle related to online fashion shopping – such as missing a home delivery or having to go all the way to the post office to return an order. The plan: create a seamless shopping experience by connecting online webshops to offline physical stores. As an online shopper, you can now ship your fashion orders to a fitting room of a local store in your neighborhood. Try out your order and take it home with you, or let the store return the package. In this way, every webshop can offer an amazing brand experience and fashion stores can welcome new customers.

Collectique shopping flow


The goal of this project is to connect online and offline fashion retailers. In order to do so, we needed a platform where webshop admins or service points could manage the orders. We also needed a shipping module plug-in that is simple to install on webshops so shoppers can opt for the Collectique shipping solution. And last but not least, we needed a website to explain the concept to webshops, brands, stores, and shoppers so the Collectique network could expand.

The Collectique platform

Collectique platform

Design and UX

The goal of a webshop design is to make sure it is as easy as possible to buy a product. In other words: the fewer steps the better. A platform, on the other hand, has to be easy to use and intuitive for a store or a webshop owner. This was an interesting challenge for our designers. User comfort had to be the focus. We paid a lot of attention to all possible actions a user could need on the platform, such as editing the status of an order, checking the delivery address, downloading the return form. While the user experience had to be simple, the possibilities on the platform should support all possible actions of different user roles.


The platform is a custom web application in PHP for service points and webshop admins that is accessible through a login. The platform is 100% responsive, so the service points can update order status, generate tracking codes, download a return form, set a Google Maps API key on any device. The webshop admin can use the platform to check the order overview and status, to manage its partnerships with different stores, to choose the languages available in his shop, etc.

The Collectique module

The Baldwin team developed a Magento module that’s simple to add to a webshop when it becomes part of the Collectique network. This plug-in is compatible with Magento 2 e-commerce platforms and easily installable. Thanks to an API developed by our team, the plug-in is also available for custom integrations and other e-commerce platforms.

Collectique module

The Collectique website

Design and development

It was a challenge to capture the story of Collectique in the design and support the content in an easy to process and visual way. The illustrations in the explainer video on the homepage formed the starting point for the rest of the design. In order to create consistency, elements of the artwork of the video were used throughout the whole website to expose the overall story for the three target audiences: webshops, stores, and shoppers. The website is developed in the latest version of WordPress.


After the design and development of the Collectique website were finished, the marketing team made sure the website is 100% SEO proof: the team added meta text, optimized the web images and made sure the tracking was working properly. The go-live of the website got quite some media attention, so we made sure the website was easy to find online thanks to a catchy Google search campaign.

Collectique website

The Baldwin back-end team, the front-end team, the design, and the marketing team were all challenged by this e-commerce solution project. Because Baldwin is a full-service e-commerce agency with experts in all fields, we turned out to be a perfect match for Collectique.

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