Exentri came to us for a new Magento webshop. Functionality combined with classic style, that’s the philosophy of Exentri – the creators of the most practical wallets in the world. The shop, Exentrishop, offers two types of wallets, the Exentri Wallet, and its little brother, the Exentri City, each available in different colors.

Baldwin took on the task to extrapolate their vision for innovation, high quality, and unique products to Exentri’s new Magento webshop. We designed a storytelling homepage, to showcase the characteristics and style of the products. The website also has multi-language versions, in Dutch, English, French, and German.

As the shop had to replace the former one, we set up 301 redirects, this way, we were able to keep the shop’s top position on Google. We also took charge of the branded search campaigns in Dutch and French in Google AdWords.

To manage the payment process, we integrated MultiSafepay and as a logistics partner, we chose Bpost.

Webshop: www.exentrishop.be

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