Daisler is a printshop located in Cluj-Napoca, that has a fresh and young vibe. Daisler team needed a solution that would allow them to sell online all the products available in the brick-and-mortar store: designed by them (wedding invitation, diplomas, hammocks, banners, mesh, and much more), as well as designed by their clients, on a support of their choosing.

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We started our collaboration with a market research, followed by proposing a structure for the website, then we moved on to design, development, SEO and Analytics set-up. Our challenge was to translate their brand concept into an online shop, by creating a clean and simple design, that would show-off their products. The webshop also had to developed accordingly with Daisler’s brand identity. We opted for integrating Magento e-commerce solution, custom built, to answer the client’s specific needs. For delivery, we integrated Cargus and for processing the payments LibraPay.

Daisler’s clients now have the possibility to purchase products designed by Daisler, as well as to submit and print their own design, on different products and materials. At the moment, Daisler.ro is one of the few online print shops in Romania, and the prettiest one, in our opinion. :). We share the credits for this project with the Daisler team, who’s expectations made us deliver a webshop that raises the standard.

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Webshop: www.daisler.ro

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