A design user interface (UI) and Magento webshop development for Clouds 9000. Veva Van Sloun is well known in Flanders for her exquisite interior design taste. Before we met, she owned, I/Object, an online shop where she sold all kinds of decoration objects she gathered from travels around the world. Being copied all the time, she finally got enough of it and took the webshop offline. A new webshop, called Clouds 9000, would emerge.

We met her in the coffee shop that she opened close to our offices in Gent. “Clouds in my coffee” is the name. It quickly became the place for the Baldwin team to go on Fridays after work to start the weekends… 🙂

After maternity leave, she decided to get back to business and put all her projects under one umbrella – clouds9000.com

Our collaborations were content focused and took more than a year to reach the result you see now. Together, we took things slow, to agree upon a design that reflects her activities. With no time pressure, and ideas going back and forth, slow was very good for this project. Slow gave her time to reflect and to realize where she wants to take her projects, and we agreed that this is going to be the way for Clouds. We are quite proud of the end result.

We integrated MultiSafepay as the provider for online payments and UPS for logistics & worldwide delivery.

Webshop: www.clouds9000.com


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