StepsTools challenged us with another WordPress website! This company owns and develops software products. Baldwin was asked to develop their first WordPress website. The objective of this site is to present themselves and the software products the company owns. To summarise, StepsTools is basically a kind of digital business card. The website gives visitors more information about the company and products. On the other hand, it allows StepsTools to get in contact with potential customers and business partners.

black and white web design


Unique website design

Black and white website design

We designed the website with a very minimalistic look and feel. This follows the trends in web design of minimalism and dark mode, as we mentioned in a previous blog. Moreover, the whole site is made in black and white, even the logo. The minimalistic look makes StepsTools very interesting!

Advantages of a black and white web design:

  • Simplicity creates a sense of calmness
  • Bold and challenging move
  • Clean, neat and easy to use website
  • Faster download speed
  • Helps visitors to focus on content
  • Easier navigation

Vertical footer menu

Next, remarkable for the StepsTools design is the footer. This is typically the section at the very bottom of a web page, where you can find more information about cookies and privacy disclaimers. For StepsTools on the other hand, the website has a vertical footer menu. A real challenge to develop, but we are very happy with the result.

Website tracking

Our teams of designers, developers and digital marketers love to work together. When the website went live, we took care of all the tracking configurations. To get the most accurate data we did the set-up of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google and Bing Webmaster Tools. As a result, now we can track actions, such as submitting a contact form.

Are you interested in a black and white web design? Or more a fan of colorful website? Let us know! We listen to the wishes of our clients and design and develop their dreams.

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