Years ago, Henri – founder of BE O Markt – decided it was time to introduce a new way of grocery shopping to Belgium. Dreams became reality when he founded an organic grocery store, paying extra attention to packaging and local products. Today, BE O Markt has grown into a successful business with four stores across Belgium. They are 100% ready to start a digital adventure. Read here how Baldwin helped them with this adventure.

BE O Markt webshop

BE O Markt online grocery store

About BE O Markt

BE O Markt sells organic, local products in four stores across Belgium – in Ghent, Nevele, Brussels and Antwerp. Thanks to the color palet of the displayed vegetables and fruits, wooden boxes and baskets, helpful staff and delicious smells of fresh herbs and veggies, the stores have a pleasant old-school farmer’s market feeling.
However, BE O Markt is not just an organic grocery store, it’s also a broader concept. BE O Markt wants to offer affordable organic and seasonal groceries and avoid unnecessary packaging. This is only possible thanks to their partnerships with local farmers. Henri – the business owner – dreams of making affordable organic groceries available to everyone & of offering better food with less impact on the climate and on our health. BE O Markt asked Baldwin to translate this concept and atmosphere into a future-proofed webshop.


Before starting the design of the webshop, we wanted to make sure we would build a relevant and resourceful food webshop. So we started with extensive research on the competition and market (national as well as international). The marketing team worked together with the team of BE O Markt to create buyer personas and user stories to decide what the webshop needs. A focus group was organised to test these theories and to learn about what actual customers expect from a grocery webshop. Only when we were one hundred percent sure about the concept of the webshop, we started the design process.

UX and design

BE O Markt is not the first food webshop created by Baldwin, but it is the most extensive one. This was a challenge for the design team.

Our UX challenges & solutions

#1 Categorisation

One of the most important aspects of a webshop is the categorisation: customers need to be able to find products without effort. Although BE O Markt had many products and product categories, we wanted to keep the categorisation as compact as possible to provide a great UX. The solution? Our designers decided to display the subcategories on the product pages. In this way, the categorisation is intuitive, visible and easily accessible.

BEO Markt product category UX solution

#2 Add to cart

Food shoppers behave differently than – say – fashion shoppers. For fashion shoppers, product details about size and fabric are important. A food shopper, on the other hand, wants to quickly add products to the shopping cart without reading the product details first. That’s why we decided to make it possible to add products to the shopping cart directly on the product overview page. Another great added value is the possibility for some products to choose between two values: the number of products or the product weight. You can for example choose to buy either two apple or one kilo of apples.

#3 Logistics

Another major difference between a fashion webshop and a food webshop are the logistics. It is essential for BE O Markt to always offer fresh products.That’s why the groceries are only prepared for pick-up during the date and time slot chosen by the client. This is essential in order to keep the products fresh. Because the pick up service is such an important aspect for a food webshop, the homepage is designed to invite visitors to choose a pick-up service before starting to shop for groceries.

#4 Checkout flow

Another challenge was designing a flawless checkout which includes three important aspects: pick up points, pick up dates and time slots. How did we handle this? The team designed a simple flow using a visual roadmap to help the client through the checkout process. Once they select a location in the checkout, they can pick a date. Depending on the chosen date, the available time slots appear.


BEO Markt check out flow

Integrating the story of BE O Markt into the design

The total design of the webshop – with all its aspects and features – had to breathe the same atmosphere as the stores. The webshop should not only be vibrant and effortless to use. The USP’s of BE O Markt should also be present in the webshop. So how did we implement these USP’s into the webshop?

BE O Markt stands for ‘Be Organic’. In order to bring this message to the webshop visitors, we created a page dedicated to this matter and displayed it in the header. Another important characteristic of the stores are their delicious & fresh products. Thanks to the pick up service, this freshness is also accessible for the online shoppers. BE O Markt is also proud of their helpful staff. How did the design team integrate this feature into the webshop? By making the recipes easily shoppable, by adding information about allergies and creating space for extra information about seasonal products and how-to’s.


The BE O Markt webshop is developed in Magento 2. The great thing about Magento is that it’s open sourced, this means we don’t need to stick to standard templates and can customize without any restrictions. Because the developers of Baldwin are Magento experts, Baldwin already built a lot of modules for the e-commerce platform that came in handy for this project. The Baldwin blog module made it possible to add recipes and blog articles. The articles can also be shared on social media. The Add-to-cart module is another Baldwin module. For BE O Markt this module needed extra custom work. In order to display two different values per product (pieces and weight) and add products to the shopping cart directly from the product overview page, our development team wrote custom attributes.

Magento is the perfect e-commerce platform to offer a great multichannel shopping experience, which perfectly matches the wishes of BE O Markt – a seamless shopping experience between their offline stores and online webshop. Read more about omnichannel shopping experiences 

Tracking & SEO

Before go-live, the marketing and BE O Markt team worked together on optimizing the webshop for SEO. We created great metadata and worked together with the development team on increasing the page speed. The marketing team configured the Baldwin SEO Module to track reliable data and useful events, and optimized the URL paths. After a lot of testing by the Baldwin and BE O Markt team, the webshop was launched. Once the project was live, the marketing team made sure the webshop got indexed correctly by search engines.

BE O Markt was a challenging project which required expertise on different domains – design, UX, marketing, SEO, front-end & back-end. Thanks to the great cooperation between the teams and to the enthusiasm with which we face every challenge with an open mind and a nose for innovation – we can say out loud that we are proud of this project!

Design showcase

Beo markt bio organic food webshop designBeo Markt website design for bio organic food market





Organic food market website design
webshop ontwerp en ontwikkeling bij Baldwin in gent

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