Audiosense, as they say so themselves, is the one-stop shop for location sound equipment. A couple of years ago, Baldwin set up their Magento 1 webshop. And now, they wanted to upgrade to Magento 2. Nothing too special: Audiosense is a very (very, very) happy client: we simply tweaked the new webshop a little and added one amazing new feature.

The design basically stayed the same, apart from some finetuning. Because, if something is really good, why change it? We did however speed up the website. There were several pages with a long loading time due to heavy images. To fix this, our developers used some front-end magic to speed up the loading process, adding to an overall better experience. Thanks to this, the Audiosense webshop scores better for the Google Speed Test. Great news of course! Their website now officially ranks higher in Google’s search results.

That one new feature

So as we said, there is one completely new feature on the website. Audiosense doesn’t just sell sound equipment. They also rent out certain products, for which they have a separate ERP-system. As a result, the Magento 2 webshop must read two files. One with products for sale, and one with their rental equipment. This also means there are two types of carts – and the rental cart differs from the shopping cart.

Instead of immediately paying for what you want to rent, you send out some sort of application to rent. You fill in your details and tell Audiosense what you want to rent and for how long. The process that follows goes entirely by e-mail. It is only after you have Audiosense’s approval that you can pay for what you’re going to rent. Very much unlike the shopping cart, where you obviously pay before you receive any confirmation in your mailbox.

More cool things

Audiosense works together with UPS for their delivery. From now on you’ll also be able to choose a pick-up point for your order. Less of a hassle to stay home or be at the office on a specific day, as you can now select a pick-up point that suits your itinerary best.

As there’s so much types of tech, it is sometimes difficult to find the right fit for your equipment. Exactly why Audiosense offers the possibility to customise certain products. For instance, when you need a different connection of a cable because you have a Macbook. Not exactly a standard feature on your average webshop, right?

The results

As we improved the webshop that Audiosense already was happy about, we can only say that the launch was a success. With a faster website that offers the full service of Audiosense, both them and us are happy. And the proof of its success? That lies in the orders placed immediately after the launch!

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