A magical experience that ended in a webshop with a strong marketing plan. ‘Adem in Adem uit’ is a meditation adventure for kids. You can experience the adventure with the help of the book, the audiobook, and workshops.

The first children’s book from ‘Adem in Adem uit’ is now launched and has the fun name “Journey through the earth”. During an adventurous exploration through the layers of the earth, kids learn more about their inner power. The book is supported with beautiful illustrations that will spark your fantasy. The fitting music and audio recording of the book are available on the website to ensure that readers have a full magical experience.

Adem in Adem uit - meditatieve kinderboeken


Fantasy triggering design

The children’s books from ‘Adem in Adem uit’ will release your creative thinking and that’s what our design team wanted to reflect on the website design. We chose to use the drawings from the book within the design of the website. The different characters take you on an adventure throughout the website.

The entire project was a magical experience.

Available stores

The books are available with a select group of bookshops. For our client it was important they can easily add new bookshops to the list on the website. Visitors can quickly search for sale points in their neighborhood with the interactive map or through the list on the bottom of the page.


You can request more info about the workshops of ‘Adem in Adem uit’ through a contact form. All contact forms are connected with the Mailchimp account of the client. The workshops can be organized through libraries, cultural center, schools, festivals, events and private initiatives.


‘Adem in Adem uit’ is a brand new concept. Our marketers worked on a marketing strategy where they keep online and offline advertising into account. Facebook advertising will be used to create awareness before and during events where the authors will be present.

Together with ‘Adem in Adem uit’ we went on a meditative journey which inspired us to build the website. All our teams were challenged in this project. From first design sketches to a webshop with a strong marketing plan – it was a pleasant experience for the entire Baldwin team.

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