Absolute Jobs is a selection and recruitment company, with offices in Belgium & Romania, and so, a collaboration between us was bound to happen. Our involvement in this project had 2 phases: development and digital marketing.

Website: www.absolutejobs.ro



The client’s wish? To create a platform useful for both employers and employees. The recruitment business aims to find a job for as many people as possible and during that process to make a difference by entering into a committed partnership with both the employer and the candidate.

The challenge was to build a platform that would fit all the functionalities needed, in a simple and intuitive interface.

  • Account functionalities: login, recover the password, see my job applications, manage the login details, manage personal data, log out;
  • Job functionalities: apply by completing a form or by uploading a CV;

Our developers’ challenge was to integrate the software used by Absolute Jobs to follow up on all job vacancies, candidates & applications. They made sure all job vacancies are synced to the website together with all their details.

Our custom development and marketing teams worked together over everything that means SEO, both for Belgium and Romania: from structuring the URLs, sitemap and robots.txt file to tracking and content created around a well-documented keyword research conducted in 3 languages: Romanian, Dutch and English.

Preparing to launch the website

The project started from the existing content. We knew that the client had on the previous website wasn’t written with SEO in mind, so our work began from there. With the English version written and approved by the client, we started translating and adding content on to the other language versions of the platform.

Our team also wrote the rules for generating dynamic content, which was needed especially on the job description pages. We also provided to the development team an “SEO checklist” (that’s how we call it), to make sure that core implementations will not be skipped. It happens often that with single-page apps, SEO functionalities are not implemented, so our checklist is useful to have in situations like these.

Usage & Tracking

Among the implementations we do from the start, Google Analytics and Google & Bing Webmaster tools, through Google Tag Manager (GTM), are always the first ones to do. Analytics and the Webmaster platforms offer information about users, traffic, demographics, the website health, its indexing status and organic data, among others, so they are a must-have for any website.

As far as GTM is concerned, we prefer working with it because it allows the marketing team to implement tracking events on the site’s usage, without passing the process through the development team, which saves time and lowers costs before and after the website launch.


To finish setting up the accounts, it’s necessary that the website is live. This means that for a few days the website was in the so called “soft live”: meaning that we didn’t promote it nor did we bring in traffic, until we made sure everything was functional.

At the moment of the launch, the online ad campaigns were already prepared to start and the budgets approved, for both Belgium and Romania. Due to the client’s business profile, the main channels for advertising were Google Adwords, Facebook and LinkedIn. Every channel had a specific target group in sight, and the messages were created accordingly. We went for a very granular segmentation, on each channel, to make sure that what we’re promoting will reach the right audience.

We are also managing their online communities and the information we publish is meant to increase the brand awareness and engagement.

The existing customers of Absolute Jobs receive periodical information about the company’s evolution, job recommendations or other intel that can help them develop professionally. That’s why, we send 2 types of newsletters, in 3 languages. Luckily, we have an international team, where the language is not a barrier.

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