A few years ago, Baldwin created the first Magento webshop for Suikerzoentje. We are very excited to make the upgrade to Magento 2! The challenge for this project is that it involves one Magento admin panel for two stores.

Suikerzoentje magento webshop

Webshop for supplier of personalized candy

Suikerzoentje is the largest supplier in Belgium of personalized sweets. The webshop sells a wide range of products: from lollipops with your name to custom birth announcements and baptism sugar. Suikerzoentje can personalize each thank-you gift or present. For instance, all colors, fonts or designs are customizable for a unique result. Needless to say, this is also the way that Baldwin develops and designs all their webshops!

2 webshops 1 Magento

As mentioned before, Suikerzoentje owns more than one webshop. Suikerzoentje is the webshop they use to sell B2C. On the other hand, there is Motiv+. This company offers the same type of products, but B2B. Businesses have to register and get approved by Motiv+ to have a valid account. Only then they can see the products and B2B prices. Eventually, we made it possible for both webshops to run on one Magento 2 admin panel.

Custom option template

Customers have an extensive choice of personalisation. They can choose between finishing options, choose a font style, put a name on products, upload their own designs,… Instead of having to add these options for every product individually, we implemented a custom option template for Magento 2. Here you can set up any template, and assign them quickly to hundreds of products.

Webshop payment process

MultiSafepay is integrated to take care of the payment process. With the MagePrice module we installed on the webshop, it is possible to calculate extra costs for specific products. For instance, for the start-up printing cost for birth announcement cards this feature is useful. In addition, Molecule can make an export of all invoices to import into their accounting system.

Are you looking for the perfect gift or personalised candy? Go shop at Suikerzoentje, or register at Motiv+ to find a wide variety of cute products! We are always looking for the next challenge. Let us know if you could be our future project!

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