Imagine that, when you shop at Luxury Outlet you are actually buying pieces from luxury brands and boutiques around the globe. They work with the best in the fashion industry which made their brand and boutique partners, visible everywhere. Luxury Outlet asked Baldwin to create the Magento 2 webshop in order to keep being an important player in the fashion industry and also to provide a great online experience to all of their customers and partners. 

What will bring value to Magento 2 in 2020? Mobile-first oriented, automation & chatbots! Read here why you should upgrade from Magento 1 to Magento 2.

Design & Development

We didn’t only opt for migration but also for a rebuild of the structure with improved user experience. The categories are clear and well organized, easy to navigate product pages, with useful information and a ‘related product’ section. You can choose your product by size and color and use the size guide where necessary, as everything is integrated so you can have a great experience while shopping.

The Baldwin developers are specialized in creating custom features in Magento. The developers also created an advanced filter menu that allows the webshop visitors to access everything and filter the products more easily.

SEO and tracking

In order to be able to rely on accurate data, we always configure Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, the Webmaster Tool of Bing and Google Search Console. We manage to track enhanced eCommerce features and specific user actions such as product impressions, product clicks, add to wishlist, add/remove from cart, the checkout process, transactions, refunds…


Before going live the webshop was a subject of tests and quality checks and only when both our teams were entirely convinced its ready to become a hit, it got launched.

webshop ontwerp en ontwikkeling bij Baldwin in gent

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