Working at Baldwin

In today’s market, it’s never been easier to start selling your products and services. But at the same time, it’s never been more difficult to do so.

  • It’s been years since e-commerce has started shaping the future. Online & mobile shopping have become customers’ top choice when it comes to researching and buying products
  • Some businesses are aware of the changes. Still, most of them are not.

At this point, we can only help a brand if we are brutally honest and say the truth about what’s coming after them. And they can only survive if we provide real, life-changing solutions.

  • From building online stores & developing software solutions for businesses with both online & offline integration to marketing them using a wide range of online promotion tools, we are the ideal business partner that can guarantee a higher sales volume and customer retention rate.

In the long run, we aspire to help small and mid-sized businesses blossom and get better at what they do by constantly inspiring their teams to outdo themselves and reach for excellence.

  • Our goal is to make e-commerce accessible to small and mid-sized business owners, family businesses, start-ups, or even to companies with hundreds of years of history.
  • It is our duty to make sure they acknowledge the changes that are taking place in their market and the possibilities arising from technological advancements. Afterwards, we make our resources available to them in order to help them catch the internet momentum.

We offer

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+25 days of holiday

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Getting to the office will not be a problem

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Good work - life balance

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Attractive wage

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Aaried customer portfolio

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Plenty of laughter

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Always something new to learn

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We like to eat lunch together

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