Your website is part of who you are as a company. Content, web design, styling and usability have to fit the picture. The Baldwin design team is all ears when it comes to your needs and is ready to design a website or web app that fits best your company profile.



A wireframe is the page schematic or screen blueprint of a website. It is the visual guide that represents the framework of a website. Wireframing is done before you start the webdesign and helps to make sure no elements are forgotten and every element obtains the importance it needs.



It’s not all about the looks. User-friendliness is key if you want your webshop visitors to make a purchase. Our design team makes sure to design the complete user-experience so that users can navigate through your webshop without any obstacles, whether they are using their desktop computer or their smartphone.

Campaign Design

Campaign design

Do you want to promote your website with online ads, e-mail newsletters or offline brochures? Together with the marketing team, our designers create appealing campaign visuals following the style of your website: homepage banners, online advertising visuals, e-mail newsletter templates etc.


If your company already has a branding and logo, then we translate it to web. If not, our design team helps you create a logo and branding that fits your project.

Surprice Branding

Branding Medipim

Branding Skribis

Print design

Despite what some might say, print is most definitely not dead. It’s still important to communicate with your customers and leads through powerful printed media. Our team designs name tags, brochures and packages… And we have quite a few connections with professional printing offices

Web design services: print design EntusiaBrochure for Entusia

web design services: print example WizmoPrint for Wizmo

Surprice print example
T-shirt for Surprice



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