10 tips for a pleasant working from home experience

A lot of people who are now forced to work from home do not have any previous experience of organizing their home office. Our 10 working from home tips will let you embrace the remote working style while taking your best business practices home with you.

The Covid-19 virus is increasing the working from home movement. However, not everyone is as lucky as the people that can work remotely. A lot of businesses need to send people home without being able to provide an alternative way of working. So embrace the fact that you still have the opportunity to work during these tough economic times.

10 tips for a pleasant working from home experience in times of CoronavirusIt’s now more important than ever to stay organized and connected. This is not always an easy thing to do during a crisis that is creating an unstable working climate.

Try to keep up with your work and do not panic with every news flash that gets sent out in the world. Stay positive and focus on what comes after this. Be proactive and if your workload is low take the time to do those small tasks you’ve always wanted to do but we’re always to busy to actually do them.

Work towards a better world and use this period of social isolation to build an even stronger relationship with your colleagues and clients.

In a time where working from home became a standard overnight, here are some tips to stay organized and focused:

  1. Create a dedicated workspace in your home. It’s your home, so give that spot a personal touch to make you feel as comfortable as possible.
  2. Try to pick a workspace that can be quiet when you need it to be. So make sure you can shut the door to prevent your cat or dog from distracting you during a demanding task. And to keep out any noises that your fellow working from home partner or kids are making.
  3. Start early, as you would normally do. If you start the morning with a coffee at your desk while reading your first emails, you should do the same thing at home. Try to stick as much to the same routine and working hours as possible. ☕
  4. Use your webcam or smartphone to connect more personally with your teammates during upcoming meetings.
  5. It might be nice to work in your pyjamas or that pink unicorn onesie, but as we said before, stick to your routine and dress like you would on the job. You never know when you get a video call from a client or your boss.
  6. Take a lunch break like usual and break away from your screen while doing so.
  7. Keep your coworkers closer than ever. Do not only stick to email communication, but there are also so many tools to stay connected with your colleagues in a more personal way. Check up on them from time to time to see how they are coping with working from home changes.
  8. Take a break when you need to. Grab a snack, pour yourself a drink. Just act like you are at home 🙂 
  9. Stay connected to everything that is happening in the world, but do not read to much negative news.
  10. Missing social encounters from work? Try to do a coffee break video chat. It sure is a fun way to stay social and connected.

But most important: You are not in this alone. Everyone will have a bit of struggle. And communication will sometimes be slow. But be proactive and chase the answers you are looking for. And provide answers to those who are seeking them. This approach will keep the whole team busy and the clients up to date on the work you are doing for them.

One for the road

Wish your colleagues a pleasant evening when the working day is over!

Wishing you all the best!
Team Baldwin

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