What’s new for SEO on Magento 2

If you visited our website before, you probably know by now how much we love Magento. Helping businesses prosper in the digital world is our mission and we can’t be any prouder about it. And now it’s easier than ever, thanks to the improvements Magento brought: in terms of technology, modularity, and performance. Since having the webshop up and running is not the only thing each business owner needs to worry about, we’ll discuss an important topic: the SEO on Magento 2.

M2’s main SEO benefits are for sure the better performance and scalability. But there’s more than this to know about. Here are some of the most important features for SEO you will find on Magento 2.

Product Schema

The schema is a code, or a tag added to a page to help search engines understand what the text is about. Implementing it on the latest versions of Magento 1.9 is also possible, but it needs a third-party extension or custom development. Now, the schema for the offer, product, review and AgregateRating are already integrated into M2. Looking for another reason to use schemas? They will appear on your search snippet of the search engine.

Google Tag Manager / Google AdWords / Google Analytics

Another outstanding feature is the Universal Analytics, which has plenty of new options when it comes to collecting customer data. Google AdWords Conversion offers suggestions of keywords in order to support webshop’s conversions. And thanks to Google Tag Manager, the demands for tags can be easily updated and customized.

Social sharing tags

Social sharing tags are integrated directly into Magento’s core. So, for instance, each time you share a product URL on Facebook, its image and title will get pulled into Facebook.

The number of pages

What else is new in terms of SEO on Magento 2? The way it handles product wishlists and comparisons. Now, the wishlists and comparisons are non-crawlable URLs (AJAX-based).

The product page

The product pages from Magento 2 are similar to the ones from Magento 1. However, there is a new option: “Product Fields Auto-Generation”. The users have the option of setting a mask for SKU, meta title, meta keywords, and meta descriptions.

Label for product images

On Magento 1, an extra extension was needed for shop admins in order to add labels for their webshop images. Now the images can be labeled easy, without any difficulties.

Related products / Upsells / Cross-sells

These are three new types of improved product relationships in Magento 2. Two of them appear while users are viewing a product, while the other one appears in the shopping cart.

  • Related products define a feature that shows suggestions of other products related to the original one. For instance, if someone buys from your webshop a laptop, you can also recommend suggestions, such as headsets, mouses, etc.
  • Cross-sells appear in the shopping cart. It is used when there are products in other categories that can be used with the wanted product. This feature determines the customers to buy products they didn’t think about.
  • Upsells are meant to determine the buyer to spend more money by choosing a product that is more expensive. For instance, your client wants to buy a laptop, so you suggest to her/him some other alternatives that are more expensive.

Friendly URLs

Friendly URLs are an important factor when it comes to page rankings in search engines. To avoid unfriendly URLs, webshop admins can properly manage them and also access the Search Engine Optimization menu and enable server URL rewrites. This way, you can rest assured that your links will not contain various symbols, such as: “?=sortby, ?p=2”.

There are plenty of improvements for SEO on Magento 2, implemented to support the marketing efforts. If you can’t decide whether to upgrade your Magento shop, here are 18 reasons why you should migrate from M1 to M2.

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