The one and only hashtag guide you’ll ever need

– not another guide for dummies –

Hashtags became an important part of pop culture. We’re all using them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even in text messages. They moved from being silly to serious in no time and now we can’t imagine social media without them.

Here’s the ultimate hashtag guide you need to read.

#1 Use as many hashtags as you can

Not sure if you should use hundreds of hashtags in a single post or not? Just go for it! Maybe some users are just looking for good reading.

#2 Make it hard to type or go home

If they don’t fall asleep when reading your hashtag, you’re doing something wrong. In the end, it’s all about annoying your followers, right?

Beat this:


#3 Always use hashtags that are not related to your post

Want to look interesting to your fans? Then you should definitely use hashtags that have nothing to do with your post! An image with your working desk combined with a hashtag quote about traveling is always a good idea.

#4 Don’t hesitate to beg for likes & followers

#like4like #follow4follow #likeforlike #followforfollow.

Use them in all of your posts if you want to receive real support and gain die-hard fans.

If you manage a business page, then you should absolutely put them on your posting list!

#5 If your copy is shorter than your hashtags, there’s something fishy in there

You know what? Maybe you don’t even need a copy of your posts. It’s like they say: one hashtag is worth a thousand words. Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake succeeded to carry a proper conversation almost entirely in hashtags. Why can’t you?

Baldwin hashtag guide - 1st of April

#6 Dare to be different

Don’t follow the rules. You can get as creative as you want. Insert the hashtag wherever you feel like: in front of the text, before or even in the middle. What about commas between them? Fo’ sure.

#7 Hashtag everything around you

Hashtags make your content discoverable to a wide audience. It doesn’t matter that not all the content you produce fits into this category. #Hashtag #Everything #Around #You

#8 Use the same hashtags for each post you create

You know what they say about marketing. You just need to be consistent. Use the same hashtags for all your posts so you can make sure your followers are learning them by heart.

#9 Repeat hashtags in the same post

Now that you’ve read the 8th point, it all makes sense, right? Using the same hashtag more than once in the same post will help you be consistent. Go tell your friends about this trick.

#10 Hijack trending hashtags

Show us how cool your company is. In the end, you promote yourself as an early-adopter, right?! #metoo

Extra tip: Never trust a guide posted on the 1st of April.

At Baldwin, we do like to have fun. And we couldn’t resist an April fools prank 😉
In the meantime, we also created an actual handy Instagram Hashtag guide that is going to provide you with a lot of useful tips and tricks. Check it out!

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