[Case study] How we increased organic performance within 3 months

We started working with DingGo in 2018, shortly after they launched their website. They were looking for a digital agency that could provide qualitative, cost-effective and expert advice for their SEO, tracking and web development needs. As a result, within 3 months after having the foundation set, the organic traffic went through the roof and the conversion rate doubled.

The foundation

First, we audit, then we conquer.

The way we work imposes some aspects to be SEO-ready before any performance improvements can be noticed. Before we can build growth, it’s our practice to make sure that the foundation is sustainable. We like to know exactly what we’ll be facing, so an initial audit is most required.

The most important thing you should understand is that we need to go through these check-ups because they offer a complete view of your website’s SEO health. Without these, any recommendations will be done by guessing. But from our experience, working with facts is more reliable and efficient.

Technical SEO & tracking

A technical SEO & tracking audit assures that the conclusions you draw by looking at (organic) traffic data are correct and relevant

We started the collaboration with DingGo by auditing all the implementations they made up to that point. We looked at how user tracking was implemented, all the way to how Structured Data tags were added on the website.

It’s with this audit we discovered they were sending 2 pageviews for every 1 page viewed by a visitor and that their tracking tools were misconfigured.

As such, among others, we:

  • Cleaned-up their Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics configuration, which now provides accurate tracking of users
  • Wrote the documentation for their development team to add specific user interaction events to monitor in Analytics, which serves to know where traffic gets lost in the conversion funnel
  • Requested specifically which Structured Data tags to be added, to enhance the search engine results page visibility
  • Created the sitemap.xml and robots.txt files, which once submitted to Google improves the website’s crawling

Content & Web structure

A content & web structure audit and improvements proposal assures that your website is ready for Google, from all points of view, while offering pleasant and easy navigation to your users

Back at the beginning of 2018, they had 13 pages indexed in Google, including empty (no content) landing pages, while their competitors were at more than 95.000 pages indexed.

So we proposed a revised website structure, that included updated main navigation, new secondary footer anchors and dynamically generated content.


At this stage, we also delivered:

  • Keyword research, that included the optimal keyword density for different page types, which now is optimized to show users exactly what they are searching for
  • Meta tags’ content and structure, to help Google and visitors alike understand, within a character limit, what the page is about
  • Logical and SEO friendly URL structure, for Google and visitors, to easily access all pages on the website
  • Canonical URLs requirements, to make sure only the most relevant page of the batch is returned for a search

The result

It’s never easy to update the core structure of a website and all these development and content efforts do not happen overnight. It was a long-run effort, with back and forth questions and ideas.

Fortunately, DingGo is a client that trusted our expertise, and we surely didn’t disappoint.

Within 3 months after one of the last and important deploys, the organic traffic increased with 2.000%, the conversion rate from organic is at 4%, the number of indexed pages in Google is at +34.900 pages and they have an average position of 4 for 75 search queries. 

It’s a lot of work on both sides, but the results will only be as great as the time you’ve invested in your business


Thank you DingGo for choosing to grow your business with us!



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