How to create your company’s Facebook assets [guide with images]

When you’re preparing to transition your business into the digital realm, we understand that your company’s Facebook account and its assets might not be your top priority. However, if you want to be fully prepared for your online advertising campaigns, establishing a Facebook Business Manager account is essential. 

By doing so, both you and your company will have complete control over the data within the account and the ability to manage access levels for the digital agencies you collaborate with. 

Based on our experience, this is the most secure approach to ensure that you retain all the collected data, regardless of your digital marketing provider. As a recommended best practice, it’s advisable to personally create all Facebook assets within the Facebook Business Manager and then share access with those who require it. 

We suggest following the steps outlined below in the specified order to facilitate a swift and smooth transition process.

Creating the Facebook Business Manager account

The e-mail address you use to create the Facebook Business Manager needs to be a valid e-mail, associated with your Facebook Profile.


  1. Go to 
  2. Click on “Create new account”
  3. Fill in the requested fields
  4. Confirm

You’re done!

The page


  1. Go to Business Settings
  2. Select “Pages” under “Accounts” menu in the left panel
  3. Press “Add”
  4. Create a new Facebook Page
  5. Insert the details of your new page
  6. Click on Create page

You’re done!

If you already have a page, just click on Claim Page, find and select it and you will link it with the Business account.

The Facebook pixel

One pixel per business is enough to start with, as you want to track all the data from the entire store in one place.


  1. “All tools” menu in the left panel
  2. Events Manager
  3. Connect Data => Web
  4. Connect
  5. Name your pixel
  6. Create Pixel
  7. Add your website => Next
  8. Find a setup method (Do it Yourself)
  9. Choose the type of pixel (Meta Pixel only)
  10. Skip the settings & Done

Your agency will pick it up from here. They will make sure to properly configure your Pixel.

  1. The catalog

If you own a multi-language webshop, then you should create a product catalog for each store view that you want to run dynamic ads for. 


  1. Go to “All tools”
  2. Scroll down
  3. Select Commerce Manager
  4. Add catalog
  5. Upload product info
  6. Select the Catalog owner
  7. Add a name for the catalog
  8. Create

Your agency will pick it up from here. They will make sure to properly configure your Catalog.

The advertising account

If you have regional offices, with different ad budgets and currencies, then you need to create different ad accounts and add several credit card details for each such region. Still, if possible, our recommendation is to keep only 1 ad account with 1 payment source.


  1. All Tools => Business settings => Add accounts 
  2. Click on Add 
  3. Create a new ad account 
  4. Add your account name, time zone & currency 
  5. Select that your account will be used for My Business => Create

You will need to add the payment data, in order to be able to start running ads.

Granting access to your Facebook assets

To employees

We recommend adding your employees by their personal e-mail addresses, which they use on their Facebook profile, as it will prevent them from having to create a duplicate profile.

  1. All Tools
  2. Go to “People” under “Users” menu 
  3. Press “Add people” and add the e-mail addresses you need 
  4. Click on Next
  5. Select the level of access and click on Next
  6. Select the Business Assets you want to share
  7. Send request


To agencies or other 3rd parties

The digital agency needs to communicate to you their Business ID first.


  1. Go to “Partners” under “Users” menu in the left panel 
  2. Press “Add”
  3. Copy here the Business ID that the agency gave you 
  4. Start assigning all the assets you created based on this article 
  5. When you’re finished, press “Save changes”


You’re done!

We hope you’ve successfully set up your Facebook Business Manager account with the help of our step-by-step guide. If you still have questions regarding advertising with Facebook or any other digital advertising channels, then do not hesitate to contact us for more info.

Have fun and good luck with boosting the online presence of your company!

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