How to configure the Google Tools for your company? [guide with images]

If you are a happy owner of a business, Google is one of the places where you want (and need) to be. The plan of going digital is in vain without the creation and configuration of your company’s Google tools. Which ones, you wonder? We recommend you to start with Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Ads.

1. Create a free Google account

If you don’t already have a Google account, the very first step is to create one. It will be the access point to all your Google products and tools.

Steps: (1) Go to & complete the form with your First Name, Last Name, Username, Password => (2) Verify your phone number => (3) Complete your personal information => (4) Set your preferences regarding your phone number => (5) Accept Privacy & Terms and click on Create Account => Your account is created.

How to create a free Google account

2. Create your Google Analytics Account

Once you have set up your Google account, you can create the Analytics Account.

Steps: (1) Go to & Click Sign up=> (2) Complete your account name, website name, website URL, select your Industry Category, adjust your reporting time zone & click on Get Tracking ID => (3) Accept Google Analytics Terms of Service => Your tracking ID is generated.

How to create a Google Analytics account

2.1. Let the Advertising Agency properly configure your Google Analytics account

Steps: (1) Click to Admin => (2) Go to User Management => (3) Click on (+) => (4) Select Add new users => (5) Insert your Digital Marketing Agency’s Email Address & give them full access (Edit) to your account => (6) Add permissions => Succes!

Google Analytics is a powerful tool. It takes only one incorrect set up to corrupt your data. Good thing you are working with a team of Google Analytics Certified Agency. 😉

Grant access to your Google Analytics account

3. Create your Google Tag Manager Account

Steps: (1) Go to & Click on Create account => (2) Complete your account name and Country. Set-up your container by filling its name and select the place where you’ll use it. For your e-commerce shop, it will be web. Click create => (3) Accept the Google Tag Manager Terms of Service Agreement => (4) Your Google Tag Manager code will be generated. Click OK => Success.

How to create a Google Tag Manager account

3.1. Let the Advertising Agency properly configure your Google Tag Manager account

Steps: (1) Go to Admin => (2) User Management => (3) Click New => (4) Add email & Select Admin for the Account Permissions. Select Publish for Container Permissions & click ADD => Success!

Grant access to your Google Tag Manager account

4. Create a Google Ads Account

Steps: (1) Go to, fill in your website & press continue => (2) Fill in the data regarding your budget, target audience, set your bids and create your ads & press save and continue => (3) Complete your payment information.

Create a Google Ads account

4.1. Let the Advertising Agency use your Google Ads account

Steps: Copy the ad account ID that’s listed next to your business name in AdWords (the structure is: 111-2222-3333) and send it to the agency. 




Don’t forget about your company’s Facebook assets: the business manager account, the page, the pixel, the catalog, the advertising account & granting access to them.

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