What you need to know about Experience-driven commerce

Thanks to new technical innovations and digital possibilities, the expectation of perfect shopping experience is constantly changing. No less than ten years ago, we couldn’t even start to imagine how we would be shopping today: using multiple channels and devices, constantly searching for and interacting with brands. The perfect shopping experience has never included so many touchpoints and opportunities. Don’t miss out on them!

The future is not digital, it’s cross-device and multi-channel.

Today’s customers are hyper-connected and have access to your brand through more channels and touchpoints than ever before. They want to connect with your brand on their favorite channel and device. They want to get inspired, to be surprised – but most of all, they want to experience your brand on their own terms. In this new generation of commerce where experience is the currency, the key to success is experience-driven commerce.

What does experience-driven commerce mean?

Digital innovation has changed our mindset. The competitive focus of companies is no longer about delivering the best product for the best price. Businesses have started to enter the race for the best overall experience across the full customer journey – from discovery to purchase and well beyond.

“Consumers expect every interaction with a brand to be contextual, intuitive and meaningful,” says Mark Lavelle, CEO of Magento Commerce. 

Next Generation customer journey

Thanks to this new dynamic in commerce, the customer path is more varied and complex than ever. In this digital world, we live in, we shop cross-device, are online 24/7 and use different channels… And we expect our digital interactions to be like our personal relations in the physical world: personal, interesting, adapted, consistent. Experience-driven commerce is about emotionally connecting the brand and the customer in a digital environment across every touchpoint of the customer journey.

“People buy experiences, not products” – Brad Rencher, Executive Vice President at Adobe

  • Awareness: Don’t expect customers to come to you. Choose the medium and the context in which you want your business to appear. Adapt it to their reality, their interest and their daily life. Remember: customers want commerce that comes to them.
  • Discovery: Start building affinity and interest around your brand or product. Tell a consistent story across the devices and channels used by your audience.
  • Consideration: Once you’ve landed a spot on the radar of your potential customers, make sure you are considered. Keep your potential clients engaged, delight them with content and experiences. Surprise them with offers and make sure the story you want to tell is streamlined.
  • Conversion: Even in this phase, customers want to be surprised. Conversion is where the experience of being part of the brand begins.
  • Retention: The customers’ journey doesn’t end with a conversion. Customers expect you to actively welcome them into your brand community. Connect and nurture your advocates in order to build trust as a brand to lay a strong foundation for more future conversions.

Experience-driven commerce is a combination of digital marketing, content, analytics, and data. Make sure your tracking is on point and your data is relevant to be able to deliver the right experience at the right moment to a highly targeted audience.  

Magento and experience-driven commerce

Magento has always been giving merchants the flexibility and the chance to be creative and innovative. Magento was the first major open-source platform for commerce. As such, Magento transformed the industry by making commerce technology open to everyone. 

Magento has since been trying to improve its products and services in order to be able to keep delivering a future-proofed platform. In 2015, the corporate introduced Magento 2. Magento 2 is not only improved in terms of technology (eg. platform compatibility etc) and performance (eg. faster loading times etc). It also offers great SEO improvements

The vision of experience-driven commerce is what inspired Magento and Adobe to join forces in May 2018. What does that mean? Together, the market-leading platform for digital commerce and the leading company for designing and delivering digital experiences will start a new chapter to make every moment personal and every experience shoppable

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